\\My motivation comes and goes. Quickly. And it takes a lot to motivate me.

Fact: College is hard. And sometimes I let those three words defeat me and take over my life. Since it is hard, I don’t feel like trying. Because sometime when I do try, sometimes when I study for hours, when I stay up all night, when I miss out on a party or two I still fail. That’s life though… I need to stop letting the fact that college is hard defeat me.

I was doing my reading for an upcoming midterm and we had to read a conference talk. I didn’t much feel like reading the talk because I have so much else to do. Alas, I picked it up and got out my highlighter not expecting much.

Out of that little assignment came my motivation. Not only did I get motivation for my college learning, but also my spiritual learning. In the talk, Real-Life Education written by Henry B. Eyring, it kept reiterating the fact that if we put our spiritual education first and what God wants first, He will provide for us in all other things that we have to do. That really struck me because I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

Two weeks ago, I was in a program called Luz de las Naciones with Living Legends. It was at the Conference Center, was in Spanish, and was a BIG commitment. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I had homework up to my ears, but had to be at rehearsal every single day. Rehearsal wasn’t just the 10 minute walk to the Richards Building though… It was an hour drive to Salt Lake, hours of rehearsal, and then an hour drive back. Studying on the drives to and from was seemingly impossible with everyone talking and singing to the music. And we had no idea what was going on onstage so we had to be ready to dance at any second they needed us. Seven hours a day, outside of school, that I wasn’t able to really study.

On the day before we were supposed to start going up to SLC daily, Janielle, our director, told us that she was praying for us. Praying that we would stay on top of our work, praying that we would be rested, praying that we would find peace and that God would provide for us everything we needed. When she said that I thought to myself, “No way. I’m sorry, but there is no way that is happening. I just failed my first test last week. And I not only have to do all my homework for this week, but catch up on last weeks homework AND do this weekends homework. That’s not going to happen.” She said that she KNEW that God would provide a miracle for us. I didn’t know that. But of course, I was proved wrong.

Somehow, with seven hours of rehearsal a day, plus at least 6 hours of school a day, I managed to get all caught up on my homework and finish all my homework for the weekend. It was a miracle to say the least.

Reading that article for my class reminded me of the tender mercies that God did for me that week and that if I really do put his work first, He will provide. This is just the encouragement that I needed as I head into these two crazy weeks I have ahead of me. 


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