First Impressions.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Something we learn as a kid, but something that is very hard to accept and actually practice. The thing is that I do judge books by their covers. Books, CDs, DVDs, everything. If I see an interesting cover of something I’ll go look at it. If it seems interesting enough, I’ll get into it. But the thing is that this tiny one-liner applies to more than that. We were taught to not only not judge books by their covers, but also to not judge people by their appearance. 

I always thought I was really good at this; always thought I was accepting of people, different people from every background, but I’ve come to realize that I’m terrible at not judging people by what they look like and how they first present themselves. I get so caught up on my first impression of them that I don’t even give them a chance. I’ve realized lately that I’m very judgmental and I can be too honest, harsh, and rude sometimes. It’s something I’m working on.

It really hit me tonight how bad it was though. STORY: There’s a girl in my ward who annoyed me from the get go. She laughed at everything, even if it wasn’t funny. She was very authoritative and… Let’s just say I openly made fun of her (I’m such a jerk). But tonight I had the opportunity to see who she really is. That she’s not ditsy, she just finds joy in everyone and everything. That she’s smart. And that she does what she has to do to get things done. Needless to say, I had a really hard time. 

After realizing what a cool girl she was, I felt terrible. I had made fun of her and talked negatively about her when I didn’t even know her. 

This sealed the deal for me. I have made a goal for myself to be more accepting. To realize that while first impressions might be right, sometimes (a lot of the time), they’re wrong. I need to look past the cover, or even the first chapter, and really get to know someone and their story before I go passing judgments. Here’s to a new chapter in my own life.


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