I am so thankful for the life that God has given me. I cannot thank Him enough for my family; for my mom and the example that she has set for me, for my dad for always trying to provide, for my sisters and brothers who are my best friends even when we want to push each other down the stairs. I am thankful that I’ve grown up the way that I have; that I know about God and that He has a plan for me, that I have had the privilege to live in the home that my dad literally built from the ground up, and in the neighborhood that I have lived in all my life. I am so beyond grateful for the education that I have received in the past and that I still have the ability to further my education today. I am also thankful for every trial that God has given me; even though I didn’t know or appreciate the trials at the time, they have made me who I am and so much stronger of a person than who I was.

What springs all this gratitude up? Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s November, the season of thanks, maybe it’s because we had an amazing lesson on gratitude during church this past week. But I know that one of the main reasons that springs up all this gratitude is my sociology class.

One of the main focuses of my sociology class this semester is poverty; what causes it, how can we fix it, how we can better understand it, etc.. We have watched a couple of documentaries that have really hit me hard and reconsider my major and what I want to do with my life (that’s another blog post in and of itself…). But seriously. Two weeks ago we watched one on education. It focused on about 4 little kids and their families and the trials they have gone through. Those little kids are eight, if I recall correctly, and they have bigger dreams and a more focused future than I do. But the difference between them and I, is they’re getting a terrible education that will not help them to reach that future that they so passionately want. Today, we watched a video on mother’s in poverty and how they’re doing everything they can to provide for their children while still maintaining a job. 

This world is so cruel. And God has dealt out some tough hands… I am so blessed to have been dealt the hand I have. To have a family, to be able to buy things, to be able to attend a top university. The more time I spend at Brigham Young University and the more time I spend away from my family, the more appreciate them and everything that God has given me. I didn’t know if I could grow up anymore or have my eyes opened anymore than they were, but I’m learning so much here at BYU, not just in secular learning, but also in real life.


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