Growing Up.

So tonight I went to the (almost) midnight premiere of the last Twilight movie with my roommate and the girls next door. The whole beginning part of the movie was super lame, but the end was mind blowing. Well worth it (I won’t be a spoiler, for those that haven’t seen it yet). But once the movie ended, they not only did a credit role of the actors/actresses in the movie, but also the main characters of all five of the movies. I felt like crying. 

When I was in middle school, and even through the first two years of high school, I read Twilight multiple times. And every time I read it, I loved it all the more. Of course that comes with the package of being made fun of… But that was my “childhood” to me. Thinking back to reading it during class when I wasn’t supposed to, staying up late to finish reading a chapter or the whole book, and day dreaming about a love like that. That was my adolescence. That was my teenage years.

So when that all seemed to come to a close tonight, it hit me hard how fast time is moving. How fast I’m growing up and things are changing. How quickly some chapters are beginning and some are ending…

I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift and loved her last album. One of the songs “Never Grow Up” has become so meaningful to me over the past year. Even though I’m still young and I still just barely moved out of the house, I feel like life is moving so quickly. I now live on my own, see my parents only on holidays and special occasions, have my own banking account, and go grocery shopping by myself. And being independent now has made me so appreciative of my past and also so nostalgic.

One total cliche that we all hear starting at young ages is “Don’t grow up too quickly.” It’s so true. Stay young. Hang out with your parents, go on sister dates, cherish the long and overly repeated stories your dad tells every time he meets someone new. Because before you know it, things change and are totally different. 

I think we all wish that we could fly away to Neverland and never grow up, but that’s only true in fairy tales (unfortunately). Enjoy growing up. Take chances. Try something new. But, please, don’t let things pass you by too quickly.


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