God’s Will.

I love driving at night. And especially alone. It gives me time to think.

Well tonight while driving home I turned on a Christian radio station because there was nothing else good on and there was a really great song on. After the song finished the announcer came on and was talking about New Years Resolutions and then she said, “Have you made any? Have you sat down and prayed to God, ‘God, what do you like from me this year?” and that really struck a cord in me.

While I do have my own resolutions, just that little saying made me rethink. I think it’s important that I set some of my own goals, but I also think that it’s important to remember that no matter what I want for myself, it’s all in God’s hand. He has control. And let me tell you, I’d way rather throw all my resolutions in the trash than go against His will.

I probably won’t get my answer tonight as I kneel and pray, but I know that in God’s time, I will figure out His calling for me this year. And it will be great. I just know it.


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