To me, there’s always something daunting about having a sleepover. I always have a little freak out before I have a sleepover because I feel like teenage movies (and some people’s real friendships) have set a certain standard to how sleepovers are supposed to go. No, I’m not talking about girls painting each others nails and having pillow fights, but there’s always those deep talks and the delirious late night laughter.

When I go to sleepovers I always freak out about that kind of stuff because I never know what to talk about. I always wonder if things will get to that level. I am also constantly worried that I’ll fall asleep before we even get to those talks. I always am one of the first, if not the first to fall asleep at sleepovers. And while this may seem silly, I truly do always have these feelings…

But last night was the definition of what I always wanted my sleepovers to be like. What I think all sleepovers should be. It didn’t start off like that, but it sure ended like that. We put the little ones to bed and then we just went to our room and all got on our separate devices (…. teenagers….) and talked every now and then when something popped in our minds. But more or less, it was quiet. And then my sister came upstairs and started chatting away about things. Next thing you know it’s one and we’re still talking. And next thing after that it’s three and I’m getting out of bed to take a shower. By four, we decided that we should probably call it quits and head off to dreamland. But we just kept talking. And not just talking, but telling stories that would have been funny on a regular night of sleep, but were hysterical when it’s 4 AM. My little sister in the next room texted me and told me that we woke her up over an hour ago and that we needed to lock it up. You know how when you’re not supposed/allowed to laugh how things become 1013984 times funnier? Well that’s exactly how it was last night. We were rolling on the bed and trying to hold back our laughter. By 5 AM I decided that I needed to head to bed.

Last night was the night I needed. I’m heading back to Provo tomorrow and unfortunately have to come out of vacation mode and back into school mode. But last night I wasn’t just in vacation mode, I was back in my youth. I felt like a 12 year old girl talking about their life and just laughing and giggling and enjoying life.

Growing up and going to college is hard, but it’s nights like last night that remind you that it’s such a nice and beautiful thing.


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