Simple Things.

Don’t get me wrong, in college, you do a lot of reading. So reading, itself, is not something you really miss out on. But reading for fun is something that college completely takes away from you. You are always so busy reading for classes and for tests or even to get ahead a little bit that you don’t have any time to just sit down and enjoy a good book.

That’s one of the things that I’ve truly loved about being on break. Is getting to enjoy the little simple things that college doesn’t necessarily allow you to enjoy. To be able to sit in your pajamas all day and watch Netflix, the Food Channel, and read all day. To be able to hang out with friends and stay up all night without the worry of tomorrow. 

People always say that it’s the simple things that matter most, and they’re right. I miss the simpleness of life that high school offered. Don’t ever take that for granted, because before you know it, it’ll be gone and you’ll be completely consumed by the complexity of real life.


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