While I know that I already posted about my New Year’s Resolution’s for this year, I also wanted to share some of my New Semester Resolution’s with you all.

-I will not skip class.

-I will turn in every homework assignment I am given.

-I will go to bed early.

-I will use the free gym offered to me to my fullest potential.

I hope I can keep all these.


In other news, I just wanted to write a quick update on how my semester is going so far. I have still yet to be through a full week of school, but I truly am loving this semester already. While I may not love all my professors, I love all my classes. I have a friends in every single class and I’m making more. All of the courses that I am enrolled in are truly interesting to me. 

I hate how much school costs though… BYU is a steal compared to other colleges, but it’s still hard to manage with all that I am doing and all my sister is doing. I missed a scholarship deadline and therefore didn’t get about $1,000 in scholarships, which blows… Books cost probably about $500 this semester… Worst ever… And I can only imagine that it’s going to get worse, the more courses I start to take. 

My favorite class that I am enrolled in so far is my Anthropology class. I think the class will be very interesting because it kind of seems a lot like my Sociology class, but with a specific focus on a certain group and their culture. And while I know that Anthropology and Sociology are two completely different things, they kind of interest me in the same way, and that’s why I correlate them.

This semester is so very different too. About a third of the guys in my ward moved out to go on their missions. One of those boys being my dearest Mitchell. He’s just the sweetest guy I have ever met (no lie). He’s serving his mission in Mesa, Arizona. They’re so lucky to have him. He would stop the world if he could just to help someone out. 

I miss my family already… But luckily, I get to spend all of next weekend with them. And then not too long after that my best friend and his family are coming up to watch me dance, and I sure plan on spending every minute possible with him. I might even bring him to classes and rehearsal with me. And then in March, my family comes up to watch me dance. I am so excited for that. And then the next month I’m off to Central America!

This semester is going to be so tough and so long, but I have a feeling it’ll be over before I know it.


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