The Power of Music.

Music has been such a big part of my life. Being a dancer, I loved dancing to beautiful music, or trying to express the lyrics through my movement. I remember being in choir in elementary school, singing in the Primary Program, joining Continentals, everything.

I’m constantly amazed at how powerful music can be. It can take you on an entire story in just 3 minutes. There are those few songs that make you feel like you’re sitting in the person’s position, feeling everything they felt writing it. 

One of my favorite things about music is when you hear a song, or a line of the lyrics and you’re instantly shot in to the past. You can almost feel the breeze from the windows down in the car as you and your best friends were blasting the song. You can feel a little sting in your heart when you remember your first heartbreak. Or you can even feel the powerful gospel of the night you truly gave your life to Christ. 

I’m sitting in my dorm just listening to my music on shuffle and just reminiscing like crazy. I’m thinking about drives with my sister, sitting in the car with the first guy I thought I loved, watching some friends jam out while you just watched, sitting around the fire and singing with strangers, everything. 

I have such a terrible memory sometimes, so I’m so thankful for the minds ability to connect music with memories of mine. Because whether it was heartbreak or the best night ever, I want to remember it all.


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