Lazy Sunday.

I love Sunday’s because it means a clean room, clean laundry, church, and if I don’t actually get a nap in, just relaxing.

There’s nothing I need more in the world than one day every week to just relax. However, I also use Sunday as a day to catch up. I catch up with homework, sleep, and life. the worst thing that can happen on Sunday’s is when I get lazy.

Today is one of those days… I am having a very hard time motivating myself to get out of bed. I have my laundry in, but I don’t want to clean my room now. And I know that I’m already done with all my homework for the weekend, but I need to get ahead on my homework because I’m going out of town this next weekend. 

Going out of town and spending three days in warm and sunny Phoenix should be plenty of motivation to get up off of my butt and go do something. But instead I’m just laying in bed daydreaming about spending warm days under the hot Arizona sun.

I could go on forever about how lazy I’m feeling today, but instead I’m going to go do some labor and work…


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