Changing for the Better.

Ever gotten onto either Facebook or Twitter and noticed that 99% of the posts are negative or passive aggressive. Yeah, I have. And I’m sad to report that I have definitely taken a part in those negative and passive aggressive status’.

Well, recently, I have decided that I will participate no longer in the negativity of social networks. That does not mean that I am deleting my Facebook or Twitter, but rather using them as a source to reflect only my happy thoughts. This might seem kind of misleading to some people, because no, I’m not happy all the time. But what’s the point in posting it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter? What good is that going to do? None. Absolutely none.

I’m adding “No Subtweets” and “No negative posting” to my new years resolutions. I decided that if I’m upset in any way that I’m not going to sit here an wallow on it via Social Network, but I’m going to get up off this chair and change it. If I’m frustrated with someone, I’m going to go talk it out with them. And if I’m upset with the way some things are playing out, I’m going to change them. 

Yes, you may see me post some negative thoughts and such to my Twitter still, but I can almost guarantee you that not too long after I post them, I will delete them. 

It’s time to stop wallowing in all the things that go wrong and all the things that make me mad and instead focus on fixing things and making this life what I want it to be.


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