So this might seem a little early to be posting about my trip with Living Legends this weekend, but I seriously cannot contain my joy right now. And thus, even though I’m exhausted beyond belief and have to be to church in 7 hours, I am still going to take time to post about my weekend with Legends.

I knew it was going to be so fun because not only was performing and doing our whole show last week a total hoot, but I remembered going to D.C. with some of my Native’s and having the time of my life. So I was definitely looking forward to this weekend.

Friday: Wake up at 7, get ready, and out the door by 7:50 (running a little late). Then we took the drive out to Idaho. On the way there, we stopped and met Janielle’s grandson (who was pretty cute, might I say) and got food. We also got Secret Partners that we needed to do secret acts of service for. I’m not going to say who mine was because I really do want my acts to be done in secret. But anyhows, so we got Montpelier at about 1 and got settled in the school. All the guys set up while the girls just chilled in our “Green Room.” Which meant study time. We ended up studying and getting to talk to all the girls about their boys, which is always fun! Then it was our turn to go and help the guys unpack, so we all unloaded our greens and our suit cases and set up. Some of the guys and girls had to change outside! It was crazy, but luckily John was prepared and brought heaters for them, so I don’t think it was too bad. Then after that, we got time to go back and do our hair, rehearse, and even fit a little more homework in. Then we got to go to dinner. Ham, potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake. Let’s just say I was definitely in heaven and overate just a wee bit. After that it was time for sound check and to get ready for the show. The show was pretty terrible, at least for our section, not going to lie. Things were falling off, being kicked, not on count. It was a mess. A hot mess. But then after, we got everything all loaded up and cleaned and then got introduced to our host families. I got to share a host family with Mariah, Adriana, and Laura and our host family was so sweet. We got to their house and they had a burrito bar set up and also like 23 types of hot chocolates. No joke! Then we got to our rooms. Mariah and I could have had our own rooms, but decided to stay together instead. So we got ready for bed and climbed on in and then ended up talking together for a while. I love that girl SO MUCH. She’s like a sister to me.

Saturday: So we woke up bright and early this morning and were greeted by our host family with cinnamon french toast and BACON. I was on cloud nine. I was so sad that we didn’t have more time with our host family because they were so sweet. McKay (the dad) was so funny! He kept throwing puns in and telling us jokes and he was so quick about it too! Definitely had Mariah and I cracking up all over. So we met back at the middle school and then drove to a nursing home for an outreach. Only a couple people danced, but we all got to sing. I absolutely LOVE performing at nursing homes. They are so humble and so sweet and grateful. So that was such a nice experience. After the nursing home we loaded the bus again and went to the Oregon Trail Museum. We had the funniest tour guides and got a little taste of history. It was really great! Those people absolutely love their history and their jobs. They were so sweet. When we were driving away all the workers came outside and waved goodbye, and it was like a movie scene. They were so sweet and loving. Then it was off to the next show. On the way to the next show we played a game called Peaches and Worms. Basically, you go up to the microphone and give someone a worm if they did something wrong (whether it be funny or not) and a peach if they did something right. My two favorites were:

-Ramon got a worm for not only coming on with his undershirt on during Samoa the night before, but he also stripped on stage. GREATEST. EVER.

-Chris went up and gave Jason one. He goes up and says “I’d like to give Jason a peach…” and of course all the girls get all sentimental and go “Awwww” and then he finishes “…for always making sure Kiana stays warm.” Hot dang, it got real rowdy in the bus. That was the funniest one for sure! I died laughing and definitely added my “Whoop, there it is!” in to it!

Then we got to the school and the guys unloaded again. We had almost 2 hours of down time, which was so nice! I finished a little more studying and got a little ahead on homework for next week. Then we had a delicious dinner (again). And then it was show time. Tonight’s show was infinitely better than last nights. After the show we packed up and loaded up. We got on the bus and ended up stopping again. When we got on the bus, we got to watch Luz de las Naciones together (A show that we were all in that was held at the Conference Center in October) and I was flooded with so many memories.

-My mom got to visit.

-Saturday rehearsals.

-Car rides up.

-Giving German my number.

Ah, it is so crazy how long ago that feels and yet it was like, 3 months ago! The show was so beautiful and it was so nice to get to see all the dances and songs that I never got the chance to see before. After we finished watching that show, Jerad started telling scary stories. He told stories that are not just fictional, but that have happened to him and his family about Skinwalkers. Let’s just say I couldn’t breathe and almost cried so many times. Scariets. Crap. Ever. Then after we got over the real scary stuff, we started talking about funny things that have happened to us because of scary situations. That was so great. We got back to campus at about 12:50 and I was home by 1. And immediately as I got home I began to miss my Legends family.

Honestly, I love them so much. And even though we were gone for not even 40 hours together, I feel like it was a lifetime and it was so much fun. I absolutely cannot wait to go to Central America with them. They are my family up here. I would be nowhere without them. And I am so beyond blessed to be a part of this group and to have the opportunities that I have had through this group.

Every day as I reflect on my day, I become more and more aware of how incredibly blessed I am. And I truly feel that tonight. I love all my Legends friends and the memories and friendships I have made. I cannot wait to come back in twenty years with my kids and tell them stories and let them meet the people behind those stories. 


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