Beautiful Moments.

Do you ever just sit around and think of truly beautiful moments? And I don’t mean things like watching a sunset or watching the snow fall (even though those are some of the more lovely and simple moments in life). But moments meeting people. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

We make friends because we have similarities with them. Because we’re in the same class, the same ward, like the same band, enjoy the same things. Do you ever think about how you met some of your best friends in life?

I’ve never really thought about moments of meeting someone. I mean, certain people I have. I have traced and retraced every step of our friendship and thought about what if I had done or not done something, how things would be different, but that rarely happens to most people. Most people, you just meet and then forget them.

But meetings like this video. Just wow. I mean, I cried a little bit. So many of those people were so incredibly different. Different cultures, different upbringings, different lifestyles. And they’ve all had their share of heartbreaks, firsts and lasts, and trials. And yet, for even a couple of minutes, they find something so similar and something so simple and so beautiful to unite them. This whole thing might seem a little confusing to you and might not make sense, but watching this video really made me think.

This video made me think about who my close friends are. Who I used to be friends with. And how each of my friends, we relate on so many different levels, and yet we also differ on so many too. But somehow, we had a meeting and we’re forever united. While some meetings weren’t quite as magical as this one is, they feel just as magical, if not more.

I have so many great friends. So many great memories. And it amazes me that with all our differences, we are still friends. And as I think back to those moments that those friendships started, I feel so blessed. So lucky to have such amazing influences in my life.

Thank you to all my friends. For being there for me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank for filling my life with such beautiful, simple moments.


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