So I think it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I just wanted to post an update on how my life has been going.

Life is going so well. I had the best weekend EVER since I’ve been at BYU. No lie.

Friday: So Friday was just a normal school day. Rehearsal went well, but was long and tiring. I didn’t know how I was going to go hang out with my FHE family and still have energy. I met everyone at the JSB to go support our FHE brother, Brad Nye, in his Mr. Heritage Halls competition. I got SO BUCK. WILD. Straight up. I was screaming like crazy and just going nuts. It was so incredibly fun to be able to support Brad like that with my FHE family and other people in my ward! After the Mr. Heritage Halls competition, a couple of us went to go and see Warm Bodies. And that movie was so great. Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but good enough that I’d go see it again. After the movie we decided to go to this Crepe place that Sydney liked. So. Delicious. I had a crepini, which is like a savory Crepe. SO. Good. It was so much fun! Then we decided to call it a night.

Saturday: So I slept in all late because I decided not to set my alarm. Best decision of all time. Then I got up out of bed and slowly went about my date. I decided that it’s probably time that Mackenzie and I start looking at apartments, so we decided to go and check out a couple of places. We didn’t decide officially where we want to live, but we have a much better idea of what we’re looking for, which is SO NICE. Then after we went and looked for places to live, I went home and got ready for the Alex’s wedding. Birda, Kenna, and I were so early compared to everyone else. About an hour into the reception I was talking to Lauren about my recent situation, just updating her. And I told her how when I first found out, all I wanted to do was smash plates like in (500) Days of Summer, but that I’m ok now. All she heard was smashing plates. So she told me to grab my bags because we were going to go smash plates. I thought she was joking, but she was so serious! We went to the dollar store, bought plates and permanent markers, wrote all our frustrations on the plates, and then went to this abandoned parking lot and smashed plates. Funnest thing I’ve ever done. And so therapeutic. I could NOT stop laughing! Then we went back to the wedding and I danced the night away. After the wedding, I decided to drop by Stacey’s right quick just to say hi and ended up staying over there till 1 AM. We were all just talking and then Stacey told me that I had funny stories, so I was racking my brain for funny stories to tell them. 90% of the stories I told ended in tears of laughter. SO GREAT. Definitely the best night ever. Poor Aaron (my most new FHE brother), he knows so much about me… Oh well! 


Sunday: Woke up. Went to church. Came home and started dinner (I was cooking for my FHE family). I got laundry done, took a nap, and even made cookies! Then at 4, I went to Carlos’ with my Native Sista’s to shoot our music video for Living Legends. We ended up going sledding and just having so much fun. The last sled down the hill it was just Carlos, Joel, and I. We got serious speed. Everyone was so scared that I got hurt because we got serious air and I guess I looked like a rag doll! I did hit my butt pretty hard and have a massive bruise from today’s adventures. 

ImageShooting the video.

ImageAfter the big sled.


Then I came home and quickly set up dinner for my FHE family. We ate and talked and watched the Grammies.

Honestly, this weekend was so much fun. My walls finally came down and I seriously have not felt more blessed in my life. I have the best friends up here, the best FHE family, the best bishop, the best roommates, and a Lord that loves me! I’m so incredibly blessed and happy right now. Nothing can bring me down!





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