I know that everyone says this, but I truly have the best mom in the world. A mom that will drive up to visit me, who will take time out of her personal vacations to call me and talk to me, and a mom who knows that I don’t have a Valentine, so she sends me a Valentine’s Day Package.


I went to the Central Building tonight knowing that I had a package, but full and well expecting it to be a package from Society6 with my new phone case in it. But when they hand me a different package I was shocked and so excited that my mom sent me a surprise package. I was feeling it and (like a little kid on Christmas) shaking it trying to figure out what it was. It felt like a CD and my curiosity was killing me, so I ripped the package open. My mom had written me a love note (literally) and sent me a giant Kit Kat, an iTunes gift card, and a Texas Roadhouse gift card! I started crying because I had never felt more loved. 

My mom is a busy mom and for her to take the time to write me a love note and send me some goodies means so much to me. Pathetic as it might sound, my Valentine’s this year is my mom. And honestly, she’s the best Valentine a girl could possibly ask for.


One comment

  1. Mayaneli Brown · March 17, 2013

    This is the cutest thing ever! It made me cry reading it. I love to read your blog when I get the chance. I miss you bunches.

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