It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about life (and I truly apologize. It’s been a crazy time over here). But I thought I’d give you a little update.

Valentine’s Day: Even though I always claim to be forever alone and sometimes hate Valentine’s Day a little bit, I had the best Valentine’s yet this year. I got to sleep in, looked pretty cute (I am not gonna lie), went to class and then came home and did homework. I didn’t even end up doing a lot of homework… Rather, I ended up getting real hyper and making music videos of me singing and dancing to HSM. I’m awesome. Anyhows, then I went to the Awful Waffle with my FHE family to celebrate Stacey’s half birthday! It was nice to just be able to sit around with the people I truly love and hangout. Unfortunately, my time was cut short because I was going to see Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty was SO GOOD. Let’s be honest. I mean, I did judge them extra hard because I am a ballerina, but more or less it was good. I got so irritated towards the end though, because honestly, all I wanted to do and all I wanted to be with was my FHE family. So as soon as the show ended, I bolted back to the dorms to get a little more time with them. We watched The Last Song (who chose that movie? It’s sad. Not lovey) and then I stayed and talked with Stacey for a while. 

Weekend: So that weekend we had two performances. One at the Little Theatre in the Conference Center and the other at USU. I loved performing in the Little Theatre because, well, it’s the conference center and nothing can really get much better than that. But my personal favorite was performing at USU. We had such a blast! We got there and unloaded and then headed over to an outreach with the equivalent of the MSS office over there. They performed for us and it was so awesome, I couldn’t stop smiling. Then we performed for them. Then we ate lunch. After lunch, the students each gave us a USU shirt and, of course, we put it on right away! Then, we took group pictures and Latin danced for about an hour. Let’s just say, it got crazy up in there! 


Birda and I messing around being the ballerina’s that we are.


All the native’s together from both BYU and USU.


Here was everyone!

Then we performed for them and it was such a fun night! After that, I went back to the dorm’s, took a shower right quick, and then went over to Stacey’s. When I got there, Aaron, Andy, Em, and Syd had just finished playing every single Just Dance 4 song. That’s a heck of a lot of songs! Crazy. We ended up talking until about 3 about a lot of things, I can’t even remember at this point. And then went to bed and got up for church the next morning. That night we all had dinner at my place (burrito’s) and my roommates joined us! Then we went to Ward Prayer, sweet swap, and joined back at Stacey’s dorm to watch Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was a good, but slightly depressing movie. I really want to read the book now! After that, we went to In-N-Out and my favorite person was there. It was really awkward… But it was fun nonetheless. Then Em and I slept over with Sydney. We woke up at about 10:30 the next day and went apartment hunting. I finally narrowed it down, where I want to live! It makes me excited! 

This weekend: I was looking forward to this weekend so much, and it surely did not disappoint. I was getting to perform, my FHE family was coming, my bishop was coming, and… SAM FASTLE WAS COMING. Best weekend ever! The show went amazing on Friday night and my whole FHE family loved it. I didn’t stop smiling the whole show and long after the show ended too. Image

My FHE family and I! Love them.



My best friend Stacey and I. And the Bishop trolling in the background!

After the show, we all went to Roll It Up for some delicious crepes and Sam Fastle joined us.





At Roll It Up.



Snuggling in the freezing car afterwards. Look at Aaron. What a stud.

I was so happy to have him there, you don’t even know! After we went to Roll It Up, we went over to my dorm and just hung out for a while. Aaron, Sam, and Sydney left at about 12:30, and then Andy came over. I promised myself I would kick him out at 1 so that I could get some rest for two shows the next day… He ended up staying over till 3:30. We just could not stop talking. It was a really nice night. I love my FHE family so much.

Saturday I woke up at 10:45 and then got ready for the show. When I got to the theatre, I ended up just sitting down and talking to Josh and Mariah. It was nice. I also got set up on a blind date  with Josh’s friend from his ward (a RM! First date I’ll be going on with an RM! Wish mee luckkkk). Then we got ready for the show and performed. Definitely my worst show yet. But I didn’t know anyone that was going to that show, so I didn’t really care that much. 

Then last night, I performed again. Much better than the afternoon show. Much, MUCH better. During opening, Lauren was making me laugh while I was supposed to be singing. It was great! Overall, it was just a great show. And Sam Fastle, his mom, and the Miller’s came. I’m so blessed to have friends that will drive up from NM to come see me dance.



Sam and Ben.

Then we went back to Stacey’s and watched Nacho Libre and hung out for a little bit and were in bed by 1:30 (the earliest I’ve been to bed in a good two weeks).


Anyhows, life has been crazy busy, but so worth it. I am so beyond blessed and I realize it more and more every day. I have the most supportive and loving FHE family and bishop. I have the best friends ever. And I have a Living Legends family that I could not live without. So many memories have been made and night’s have happened that I will not soon forget. 

Thanks to everyone who has made this past month beyond amazing. I love you all.Image



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