So part of being in Living Legends means doing a lot of outreaches with a lot of different people that are a lot of different ages. Last week we did one with a high school show choir and the girls reminded me of me when I was in choir in high school (it seems so long ago!). 

Anyhows, today we had another outreach. I don’t really remember who the group was or where they were from… But everything went normally. We sang, danced, and taught them fun dances. Afterwards we were practicing our music for our fireside.

Before we started singing though, Janielle told us what that outreach meant. There was a little boy there who was CRAZY. He was bouncing off the walls, yelling, cheering, dancing. He was so energetic. She told us that she just learned that that little boy has a really tough life. His dad is in prison for life and in a position where he will probably never get to see his son again. And just two weeks ago, his mother hung himself right in front of him. 

I started crying at the thought. My heart breaks for that family. And especially for that little boy. My heart breaks for the dad that he won’t be able to see his son and wife anymore and that he’s in prison. My heart breaks for the mother that she didn’t think that life was worth living. That not even her son was worth living for. And my heart breaks for the little boy, who at such a young age has had everything taken from him and seen things that no person should ever have to see. 

Janielle continued to tell us that that little boy has been unresponsive to people for two weeks. He hasn’t really talked to anyone and has been depressed. But today, he was full of such joy. He was full of so much life. And had I not known what Janielle told us, I never would have guessed in a million years that that boy had witnessed and endured what he has.

Being raised in the church, we are constantly told that we are examples and that we truly help others, whether we know it or not. I have had my personal experiences with others being examples to me, so I know that that’s true. But today was just another reaffirmation of that. We never really know someone and what they’re going through until it’s told to us. We never know what an example and testament of Christ we are until we are told. It just blows my mind. I just hope that even when I’m not in Living Legends and when I’m just out in the normal world, that I can be as big of an example as people are to me and as we all were to that little boy. 


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