Today I just wanted to share my testimony. I know that it’s really cheesy, but today is just another reminder of my testimony.

I have a testimony of Christ and the life that He lived on earth. I have a testimony that He lived a perfect life. That he died for each of us. Not only did he die for us, but he felt each sorrow that we felt. Individually. I am always and constantly blown away by the thought that He, who was absolutely perfect, suffered for the sins that He did not commit. The sins that I have committed too many times over again. I have a testimony that nothing can conquer Christ. That not even death can overcome Christ. Not all the hate and ridicule in the world can overcome Christ. Because of His atonement for us, we are able to come unto Him again. His love is all consuming. He was and is to come.

My heart is full of so much gratitude for Christ today. He is so perfect. And that someone as perfect as Him can love and die for someone as imperfect and sinful as I is mindblowing. 

God has rocked my world this past year. And I depend more on Him each day, good or bad. I stay amazed at this God that no words could explain. He is everything.


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