Hello there. I am just rather bored right now and decided that I’d shoot some things out about me.


-Ballerina at heart.

-I have become a lot more introverted than I’ve ever been since I started attending college. But it’s not a bad thing.

-I sing, talk, and spoon in my sleep.

-I will never grow out of Disney. NEVER.

-After looking at someone for too long, I start to imagine them bald. Weird, I know.

-I haven’t gotten sick in over a year.

-I have never been more proud to be a Native in my life.

-Owl City has been my favorite band for just about 6 years now. I’m not as obsessed as other people, but some people think my love for Adam is quite extreme.

-I love to read. Whether it’s blogs, on my Kindle, or from a real book, reading is my favorite.


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