The Weekend.

So this past weekend was seriously one of the best ones I’ve had while up at BYU. My family came up last week and spent half the week, plus the weekend with me. Since then, it seems almost like a dream and like it’s been 2 months since I’ve seen my family. It’s only hardly been 2 days…

So last Monday through Wednesday evening I worked my fanny off to do all of my homework. I knew that I had a paper to write and a midterm to study for, so I really worked hard to get everything I needed to get done, done. On Wednesday night, my older sister April came in to town. We spent most of the night talking and doing my laundry. It’s so nice to have sister time. My roommate Madel was out of town, so Emily slept in her bed and I got to sleep in my room with my sister rather than sleeping on the couch. It was so nice!

On Thursday, I woke up bright and early to work on my essay that I had due on Friday. I went to an extra credit session for my Biology class because I didn’t do so well on my test that I took the night before. After that I went to my Biology class and we got out really early. So I went to the JSB to finish working on my essay. Then my sister texted me and told me to meet her on campus because she was bored. I went to the Cougar Eat with her and waited in line with her. Then I had to go to my next class (unfortunately)… After class, I was walking home and ran into my sister. We walked back to my apartment together. When we were almost to my building, my family drove up right next to us! I was so excited to see them that I ran up to the car and jumped inside. Then we spent a little bit at my dorm, so that I could gather my stuff that I needed for my show. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was so funny because our host had us sit at the exact same table that we sat in exactly a year before. It was crazy dejavu. 


Before dinner was even over, I had to get dropped off at the HFAC to set up for my show. Before the show started, I met up with my family and introduced them to a couple of my Native Sistas. Then it was show time

Honestly, this was probably my worst show that I did. But my family and some of my best FHE members were in the audience, so I didn’t really care. After the show, I went to meet my family and friends. All my siblings were crying because they were so proud of me. It was a great bonding moment that no amount of words could explain. 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAfter the show, my family and I headed off to Roll Up Cafe for some local crepes. Everyone was a big fan of the place! I was really glad that they liked it. Then, it was time to head home and finish that essay that was due the next day. I was working pretty hard, but then I needed a break and heard that some people were over. It was Belgica, Sydney, Emily, and Whit. So I ended up talking to them till like 2 in the morning. I worked on my essay for another hour after that and was finally asleep by 3:30.

On Friday, I woke up, went to class, finished my essay, went to another class and then headed home. Aubrey and Stacey came over to help me make cupcakes. We ended up watching Glee for like 3 hours and just prepared dinner. It was honestly one of the most relaxing afternoons ever. At about 5, my FHE family came over for dinner. My mom made Navajo Tacos and I made Nutella cupcakes. It was such a good meal!

After dinner, I had to head down to Pow Wow to help. I worked for about 2 hours fetching drinks and snacks and then was able to walk around the vendors and watch a couple of dances. It was a lot of fun. I LOVE BEING NATIVE. Then, we went back to Steve’s and crashed for the night.

I got to sleep in on Saturday and it was one of the best feelings in the world. We all got up and my mom made us French Toast and then we got ready to go see The Host. I was kind of worried about seeing it since it got such horrible reviews, but it was actually pretty good. Afterwards, we went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for cupcakes and In-N-Out for lunch. Then we headed up to SLC for some shopping and YW Conference. We didn’t end up going to the Conference, but we just ended up hanging out and shopping and it was really nice!

When we got back to Provo, I showed my parents where I was living next semester and then we went to SLAB Pizza. If you’re in the Provo area, you should definitely check that place out! After we had our filling, we headed back to Steve’s. My mom and I applied for jobs for me for the summer and then planned my schedule for next Fall.

We woke up bright and early on Sunday morning so that my family could get an early start on their trip home. I really hated saying goodbye to them for another two months… But I’m so glad that I got to see them so much and spend so much time with them. And show them what I’ve been up to since I’ve been up here. 

Later on Sunday, my FHE family got together and we dyed Easter Eggs. It was so much fun. And then we sat down and watched Aladdin. 


Overall, this was one of the best weekend I’ve had in a really long time. I have felt so much love and really enjoyed showing my family what I’ve been up to. This weekend is not one that I will forget. I feel so incredibly blessed to be where I am and surrounded by some of the best people I have had the opportunity to meet.






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