Mass Update.

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the updates lately. But, per usual, I will be doing a mass update of the past couple of days.

Wednesday: So Wednesday was a usual school day. But during the day, Stacey texted me and invited me to go to the Awful Waffle with her to watch a break dancing competition with her. So I said yes! (I love me some break dancing. And some boys that can break dance haha!) Not too long after we got there Stacey was like “Is that guy from so you think you can dance?” We figured out that he was! IT WAS TAD. Sanasa. He was such an amazing dancer. Stacey really wanted to meet him so we went to talk to him! He was so nice (and so short as well)!



Honestly, that was such a great night! And I got to spend it with my girls. Think Step Up. That was my life. It was amazing. It was so cool to see all the dancers totally feed off of each other’s energy! Except this one pair of guys. We called them Tarzan because one guy LITERALLY looked like Tarzan. I mean they were good and all, but they were extremely rude to all the people they danced again. It was making me ticked off.

Thursday: Thursday was a normal day as well. Except for the fact that my native brother from Legends got married!



Stacey was my hot date for the night! But really. I was ready to get buck wild all night because I had gotten soooo pumped from the night before, but as soon as the party started was when we had to leave. We left early from the wedding reception because our girl Kenna was opening her mission call.



She is going to be such an amazing missionary! She was called to the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission. They are so lucky to have her. She is such an amazing girl and so full of the love of Christ.

After the wedding reception, Stacey and I headed back to the dorm and Andy, Whit, Sydney, and Emily were over. So we just ended up talking. They all made me write a silly little lullaby for them and sing it to them. It was an interesting night. But fun! I absolutely love them!

Friday: Normal school day. Rehearsal went well. You know the story. After rehearsal, I came home and finished homework real quick because we were going camping! Well, everyone else camped the night, but Stacey and I just stayed for a couple of hours. But it was such a fun night. The food was good, the stars were beautiful, and the company was great!




When we got back, Stacey, Katie, and I pranked the guys real hard! It was so fun. But took soooo long! We ended up getting in a little bit of trouble, but it was worth it! It was all in good spirit!

Saturday: Saturday was probably the laziest day I’ve had since I’ve been up here. I woke up and watched Conference, ate lunch, watched the afternoon session of Conference, and then went back to my dorm and watched not just the newest episode of New Girl, but also 8 episodes of the latest season of the Office. Then I went and watched Argo at the girls next door and then Andy came over and we just hung out for a while. It was an extremely lazy day, but I think I really needed it. I’ve been so stressed out lately and there has been so much going on that I really needed a day to stay in my pj’s with glasses, a blanket, and no makeup.

Today, I watched Conference again. I have never been so excited for Conference in my life. I am at a totally different part of my life spiritually, so I was really looking forward to this conference. There was a lot of great words of encouragement and spiritual strengthening in it. I think that Conference is something that a lot of people, Mormon or not, should watch. There is just so much Christ-like love in that room it can’t be contained.

These past couple days have been some of the best this semester. And I am so spiritually uplifted it’s a little ridiculous. I am ready and encouraged to finish these last 7 days of classes and finals. I can do it. Well, thanks for reading and sorry for such a long blog! I’ll make sure I updated more often so we don’t have these mega-posts all the time! God bless, everyone!


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