Butterfly Circus.

So this semester I took a study skills class. Mostly because my mom recommended it and because I think I needed some tips on studying. The class did not take much effort and was more of a participation class. While I did not make any friends in the class this semester, I still really enjoyed the class. Especially my teacher, Jeff Buell (If you’re looking into that class, take it with him!).

Every class with him more of an inspiring class than a study class. I looked forward to it most days (the other times, I wanted to spend that extra hour sleeping). Most days I leave inspired on not just an academic level, but on a spiritual level. Professor Buell really had a way of tying the gospel in with our academics.

Each day of class reminded me of why I was at BYU. I came here not only to get a solid education, but an education that had Christ weaved throughout it. Sometimes I lost focus of Christ throughout these three semesters, but that class not only reminded me of the importance of my academics, but also how an education is so important.

Today was my last day of that class. While I never talked much, had friends, or even got to know Professor Buell more, leaving that class was kind of bitter sweet. For our lesson today we watched this short film called The Butterfly Circus. I don’t know why, but circus’ always interest me in a weird way. Like if a circus were to come to town, I would be the one to spend $500 to see the smallest horse ever that could fit in your hand, or the man covered in tattoos. I guess it’s just my child-like curiosity that circuses bring out. Besides that, I was wondering and looking for the moral of the story throughout the entire film, because we wouldn’t just watch a movie for the heck of it.

And I found the message in a simple quote. The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. I know that’s why Professor Buell wanted us to watch the film. He wanted to leave us inspired. He wanted us to know that we can overcome anything; whether it be finals or anything else. This class was a great one, but I think the inspiring note that Professor Buell left us with will be one that I will take throughout my whole life.

I want to also share this short film with you all. I hope it inspires you and gives you that bit of motivation in whatever you are facing. Beyond just the inspiring message that this short film holds, I want everyone to know that God has given everyone their fair share of struggles and “disabilities” to overcome. God will never turn his back on you. He loves you. And he only gives you trials because He believes that you have the strength and the endurance to overcome.


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