Finals, finals, finals. How the torture me so. I can’t believe it’s already finals week. Everyone said that this semester was the longest, but they also said that it would go by the fastest. They were right. I’m mind blown that I’m already starting to study for finals again… As you can tell, I needed a break from studying, so I decided to fill you in on my currents.

ImageImageThis next week is going to kill. I have four finals and two essays to write. All in the matter of one week. It seems like mission impossible, but there are three things that are keeping me going.

1. My mom is coming up next week to help me pack and move back home for the summer.
2. Going to Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras on tour for three weeks with Living Legends.
3. The promise that I will not have to do school work again until September.

Oi… Well, I should probably get back to studying, but I wanted to share a video that Divine Comedy (think Mormon SNL) made. It is giving me great encouragement…. (NOT). 


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