Last Words.

Life is short. And to be quite frank, death scares me. So much. As messed up as this world is and as hard as it is, I love it.

There have been so many tragedies lately. I mean, the news is always filled with negative stories of people dying and children going missing, but this week has been even moreso. 

I just watched this past weeks episode of Glee and it really got to me. In the show, there were gun shots and everyone was freaking out. Saying their last words. And it made me think of how life is so short and fragile. How God can take us whenever He wants and needs. And it made me think of what my last words would be. If I were to die today, this is what I would want everyone to know.

I love my life. I really do. I know I complain, but it really is practically perfect. I am so honored and blessed to be able to attend BYU. And the fact that all growing up I’ve gotten a quality education is something that I have for granted far too long. I know that I really miss home, but I love being at BYU. I have made the best friends up here. The one’s that will be by my side throughout my whole life. And even though I’m going to miss them so much as they go serve the Lord and His people for two years, I am so proud of them for doing so. They will never know the example that they are setting for me. I am so beyond blessed to be a part of Living Legends. And I am dang proud of being Native American! My culture has come to mean so much more to me as I have been in this group. Being in that group brought me back to God. It changed my life forever. Every person in that group, especially my Sanasa’s, have helped me so much and built my testimony to unshakable levels. I want my mom and dad to know that they did so good in raising us kids. And that they were the best most supportive parents that I could have asked for. Mom, you are literally my best friend. And you are the strongest woman I know. Thank you for setting the perfect example of what a wife and a mom should be. I would want my sisters and brothers to know that I love them. That they literally complete me. And that even though we get in raging fights, I would not ever replace those fights for anything in the world. And I would also want everyone to know that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. That HE LIVES. And that He loves you. He loves you so much. I know that He died for me, and you, and everyone who ever was and is to come. His love and grace are incomprehensible. 

With all the death and tragedy that is consuming the world more and more each day it’s hard to see the good. But when you really look, and you really think about if you were to die, you’d realize how much good there is in your life. And how much you have been blessed. That’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot today. Count your blessings, and make each day count.


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