I seriously cannot even believe that I’ve been home for a week now, that I’ve been on summer vacation for a month now, and that some of my friends are already heading off on missions. My mind is seriously being blown at how fast time has gone. I’m not sure if I said this in my first post about Guatemala, but that first week on tour was a rough one. Each day seemed to last a week and that week seemed to be a month long. But by the time that we were wrapping up tour with our last week in Nicaragua, it had only seemed like we had been on tour for a day. Time is a funny thing…


Anyhows, so I thought about posting this first story in my last post about Honduras, but I decided to post it in this one. So it was our last day in Honduras. And we had the day off basically. Our only thing on the itinerary was traveling to Nicaragua. It was originally planned that we would drive there, but the church and the university did not want us driving through that part of the countries because it is very dangerous so we were flying. For a reason that I do not know, we decided to fly in two groups. One group would be leaving at 9 AM and the next would be leaving at 2 PM.  Only about 8 people left at 9 AM and the rest of us left at 2. With all that time, we did what we wanted. We slept in and then went to the pool. It was a fun time at the pool. I didn’t get in because I didn’t want to pack a wet swim suit, but I took a lot of classic pictures of the guys. They’re such models. It was so much fun taking the pictures of them. Love those guys. ImageImageImageImage

I forgot to mention: While we were sitting poolside, we got to reading the paper. And who do we find, but us! It was so cool and the spread was REALLY nice. I definitely got myself a copy of that paper. 

So after a couple hours at the pool, we got all packed up and headed to the paper. It took us a while to get checked in and I was at the back of the line with Keoki, Gracie, Mariah, and Jay. They took a lot longer with my ticket and I could tell something was up. Then we were informed that they switched the plane to a smaller plane, so they didn’t have room for the last five of us in line. So instead of flying to El Salvador with the rest of the group, us five would fly to Costa Rica and then fly to Nicaragua. It didn’t feel like real life! It was crazy. So we were rushed off to get on the plane. It was so cool, we got to walk onto the plane and Mariah and I ended up sitting together. It was perfect. While we were only in Costa Rica for a grand total of 30 minutes, it was still cool to say we got to go there. On the flight from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, there was NO ONE on the flight, so the flight attendants asked if we would like to move up to first class. How could we say no? When we got to Nicaragua, we got through customs and then I got on my phone and what do I see? That the rest of the group is stuck in Honduras for another night! Crazy! They got a five star hotel, but they also had to get up at 4 AM for their flight… So I think out of all three of the groups, my group of five got the best deal. Even though it was a crazy situation, that was honestly such a fun trip. And the five of us that got to fly together was the best group I could have asked for. Too much fun!ImageImageImage

On the second to last day in Nicaragua we got to go to the beach. It was such a beautiful beach. And the waves were HUGE. I loved it. I love jumping into the waves, under the waves, and riding the waves. It’s my favorite. So this beach was perfect. It was so cool too, there were sand dollars, crabs, and even jelllyfish. Luckily, the jellyfish were dead, but it was so cool to see them and touch them. After about an hour of taking pictures and playing in the water, we all started to get out to eat lunch. That’s when I saw Birda riding a horse on the beach. Marco and I were all over that! So we paid and got to ride the horses. It was like a movie. Seriously. This was one of those things that happened on tour that didn’t feel like real life. It just felt too good to even be real. That was one of the funnest days of tour. And I got a lot of cool pictures!ImageImageImageImageImage

The last official day of tour was a great one. We did an outreach at the University of Managua. And not only did we do a mini performance for them, but they did one for us too. I love watching their cultural dances. It was bloody hot in that gymnasium, but we had such a great time interacting with everyone. The best part of that was Chris Ah Sue. He was a lady killer. Everytime he did anything the girls would go wild. With the way the girls were screaming, you would have thought it was Ryan Gosling or someone. It was so funny. While we were driving away, Chris stuck his head out the window and waved and threw our post cards out and the pins. He kissed one of the pins before throwing it out and all the girls bolted for that pin. It was seriously too funny!


Then we had our last performance of tour. It was so bittersweet that we were wrapping up our tour. I cried a lot. I cried during our devotional, in opener, and in finale. It was one of the greatest performances yet. I went out with a bang. Literally. Story time. So after Fancy, the Native Girls have a one number quick change and Mariah and I have to be on the other side of the stage. So our number starts and we have 8 counts before we have to be on at 1. We start running on 3 and we’re booking it, but we still need our spears. So it’s count 7 and we’re hardly rounding the corner to the other side of the stage. I have no idea where the spears are, so I’m following Mariah. It’s count 8 and she’s barely turning around to run to stage. I think she has the spears, so I turn around as quick as I can. Well, I turned around so fast and I stepped on someones costume on the ground and I ATE IT. Literally. I just laid there for a second and asked myself “What is life?” and seriously debated not going on. It was at least count 2 by this time. So we’re already way late and we’re not even on stage yet. I jumped up and Mariah and I run to stage. She didn’t turn with her spear fast enough though and ran into the light fixture… So we’re about 4 counts late and holding in laughter. As soon as we got off stage, we laughed for about 20 minutes. Literally. I could NOT stop laughing. It was just so funny and didn’t even feel like real life! Such a great time. And not only was there that that made the show great, but we also had an opening act. It was the folklore dance team at the University of Managua. And they put on such a beautiful show. I seriously loved it and could not stop smiling and cheering. They were amazinggg. Seriously. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

I could not believe on Friday that we were heading home. It was crazy. But that’s life. It was such a bittersweet feeling leaving. I could not believe that it was over. But it was the greatest three weeks of my life. Indefinitely.





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