Blogs on Blogs.

I have definitely really been into my blogging as of late. When I got back from tour, I almost had to force myself to catch up on my regular blogs and even update mine… I had almost no desire to do any of that stuff. But then I did. And I started posting on my blog. And  I started doing a lot of things.

Today, I had nothing better to do than to sit down and read some blogs. I had seen a couple of my friends post their blog links to their Facebook and such, so I decided to check them out. I spent hours reading their blogs. Literally. I even read some of the blog posts out loud to my mom as she pulled the weeds this afternoon. It was quite lovely.

I love blogs for a lot of reasons. I was talking to Josh on tour and I told him that I really love to get to know people beyond how their day was. That more than anything, my favorite part of talking to people is hearing their stories. I love listening and reading people’s stories. The sad ones, the funny ones, the scary ones. All sorts of them. I love stories. That might be my native side coming out, but seriously. Got a good story? I’m all ears.

And I think that’s why I love blogs so much. Especially the blogs I’ve been reading lately. Because the blogs that I read are full of those people’s stories. Their adventures. The things that made them laugh. The pictures of their lives. I love it. I feel like I’m a part of their lives, even when I’m thousands of miles away.

Reading about other’s people’s adventures makes me want to out there and make my own. As I was reading all the blogs today, one theme stuck out in particular to me. Adventure. It’s summer time and it seems like everyone has/is going to have an adventure. While I definitely had one in Central America, I’m having trouble finding adventure back at home. But I was just so inspired today. One of the blogs that I was reading, the girl made a challenge to herself to have an adventure every day. At least every single day. That is my new goal. Just one adventure a day. Something new. Whether it’s a big event, or something small and simple.

I can’t sit around all summer hoping that adventure will somehow find me as I sit behind a computer screen. I need to go out and get it. 

Here’s to Summer of Adventure!Image



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