The Travel Bug.

I love traveling. Whether it’s going to California and repeating the same Disneyland/Beach vacation for the 10th time or roadtripping/flying to different states. I think I got that from my mother who loves our family vacations every year. 

But lately, the want to travel has increased ten fold. Maybe it’s because a couple of my friends are on study abroad’s or are serving international missions. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t quite gotten over my amazing tour to Central America. Maybe it’s because all I do is chill at home or work. I’m not quite sure what the reason is, but all I know is that this travel bug is taking over me.

I spent a good two hours today looking at the study abroad programs that BYU offers. And then looking at international volunteer programs that I could do. My mind is just full of the desire to go out and experience something new. A new culture, a new country, new food, new style, new language. Just something totally different from what my life is right now. Now, I’m not saying that my life is bad or boring right now, because I have been incredibly blessed with my opportunities. But those opportunities (especially my trip to Central America) have opened my eyes to what the world has to offer me and what I have never thought of before. And now, all I want to do is go and take those opportunities. 

While my heart is full of all these desires and wants and needs to travel, travel simply isn’t in my cards right now. But it is in my cards for the future. Next summer I plan on doing something big. Whether it’s a study abroad, a big trip to another part of the country, or a volunteer program, I will fill my desire to travel. It’s going to take a full years worth of saving up and hard work, but I know that when I truly set my mind to something I can do it.

My options that I’m planning on applying for next summer include:Image The Disney College Program at Disneyworld. ImageImageImage

A Study Abroad in London, England, Paris, France, and Brussels, Belgium.ImageImageImage

Volunteer programs in Fiji, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

And that’s only a few of the options I’m looking at. I am filled with so much wanderlust and so much need to explore the world that God gave us and learn about other cultures. This is a goal that I have set and that will surely not be let down.


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