Everything Will Work Out.

Everything will work out at the end of it all. Sometimes those are the only words that can get me through my day. I repeat it to myself over and over until I finally calm down.

Today was a stressful day. Tomorrow morning (I guess just 3 hours from now technically), I depart for Vegas with Copper Pointe. While I’m super stoked, I had major stress today. I am the master of procrastination. Seriously. I had yesterday off along with Saturday night and I saved everything I need to do for today. I saved fixing my computer, a hair cut, paying my rent, writing letters, packing, and work all for one day. Oh and let’s not forget to mention trying to finish some applications for scholarships. 

Things have been pretty crazy as of late and I’m starting to feel the added pressure of adulthood. And today I kind of felt it all crashing down on me. I needed to pay my last month’s rent for my apartment next year along with some of my trip to Vegas. It didn’t seem like I could do both. I just didn’t even know what to do. I felt like there was no way to figure anything out and that I wouldn’t and couldn’t possibly do both. Not now, at least. And as I started to get really freaked out and stressed, my mom grabbed my face and told me that it would work out and I needed to calm down.

I just couldn’t. I was running late to work, had no idea how to pay my rent, had to take out a loan from my mom to be able to go on this trip, and on my way to work things just fell apart. I felt like everything that could go wrong that was very important as of right now was going wrong. But I kept telling myself that everything was going to work out. And it did.

Honestly, I believe that it all worked out because I payed my tithing. And I know that sounds silly or even cliche, but I’m serious. Before I even looked into paying my rent or paying for my trip to Vegas, I payed my tithing. You always hear stories about how people just don’t think they’ll have enough money for life and for tithing, but it works out. That was me today. It all worked out. And I seriously could not be more happy and feel more blessed.

Tonight and today was just a testament to me that when you follow God’s commandments and His laws, He will provide for you. And He will make everything work out. And even when it seems impossible to live real life and also follow God and His word, He will work everything out. He will never give us anything that we cannot handle or ever leave us abandoned when we need him most. 

All you need is faith, trust, and the will to do God’s will.

God will provide. Everything will work out.


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