Cheers to the Future.

Not going to lie, I’ve been in kind of a slump lately. Not having the best summer ever, but definitely not having the worst. I was neither super happy or completely depressed. It’s just like I was there. And there was nothing else to it. I was just living and going through life. On a super monotonous note. But lately, something has spurred inside of me. And I have no idea what sparked it, but I have just been on such a high note and have been feeling so blessed.

It might have been the start of blogging again just last night. But then again, it could have been something else I’m not quite sure. I actually think it was thinking about Living Legends. My sister was looking through my phone the other day and while she was looking at all my pictures she would ask me about some of my pictures from tour. And I think it just sparked and reminded me of the best three weeks of my life. And so I started missing Living Legends and school. 

Now sometimes when I start to miss things I get all sad because I start to realize that nothing will ever be the same as it was my freshman year. So many people graduated in Living Legends and most of my friends outside of Legends are now on missions or are leaving for their mission in the next couple of months. But for one of the first times, I thought about the past with a hope towards the future. To reuniting with my native sisters and seeing my missionaries as the arrive one by one. And instead of feeling sad that the past was over, I was so happy that I had that kind of past. That I have those perfect memories. Those moments that I will never be able to recreate. And that will be priceless to me forever. The happiest year of my life. 

And since I realized how blessed I was in the past, I have had some of the best days ever. Somehow my work schedule got worked out perfect and things are getting done that I didn’t know if they would. I have been seriously anticipating this week and next week all summer. I get to go to the lake tomorrow and then as soon as I get back, I get to see my best friend ever. Stace Dawg Banagarang. Seriously so excited. I’ll have to share the story of how that worked out in another post after we hang out. But I get to spend a good twelve hours with her. And I’m determined to milk those twelve hours for all they’re worth. And then, after a couple appointments and a shift at work, I’m headed to California with my sister and mom. I’m seriously so excited. I know that as soon as I get back from vacation with my family that my life will probably go back to it’s mundane-ness… But I don’t mind that it will.

Honestly, if I’ve learned anything it’s to cherish these mundane days. My life is so crazy and busy when school starts. And while I love that, I love that I get these days where I just get to sit around my house, talk to my family, snuggle with my pug, and watch TV. And more than anything, these relaxed and somewhat boring days have made me see all the blessings that I have had. It makes me see how perfect and blessed this past year was. And while I still am a wee bit sad that next year won’t be quite as perfect, I know that it will be still be perfect, but just in a different way. And that’s OK. 

Embracing change is hard. And if you know me, you know that I hate change. It seriously kills me. But this summer has been a summer of change. And change for the best. It makes me cherish the past and look forward to the future. 

Peace and blessings to the past, cheers to the future!


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