Family Vacation: California.

Sorry I went missing again.

My list of excuses include:
1. I was on vacation.
2. Blogging from my phone is the worst.
3. My laptop was in the shop for virus’.

The struggle is real.

Anyhows, I wanted to give you all an update of what I’ve been doing for the past week while being MIA.

So last Saturday, we woke up bright and early and drove to California. It was a LONG drive. And we made some interesting stops along the way. On Sunday, we woke up and had a very relaxing day where we did anything we wanted. But the only things we HAD to do were visit the (500) Days of Summer bench and go to Huntington Beach.

So we started at our first stop: The (500) Days of Summer bench. We may or may not have broken the law and climbed the fence that said “No Trespassing” to get a picture and embrace the spot. It was worth the 30 seconds there though!ImageAfter we went to the bench we had to do just a little exploring around downtown LA. So we went and walked around a market and then decided we’d be true tourists and go to Hollywood. I hate Hollywood. I mean, it always sounds fun and like a good time. No. It’s so dang crowded and there are people harassing you constantly. To take a picture with a fake Johnny Depp or to take their CD because they’re not signed with a record company. Just leave me alone. And then let’s not forget how everyone stops every ten feet. In my head (and sometimes outloud, I must admit) I’m yelling “GET OUT OF MY WAY.” I can’t stand people constantly stopping. But after what was a longer trip than planned, we went to Huntington Beach. That is my beach. I love the pier, the shops around the beach, the markets, and the waves. Oh those waves provide hours of entertainment for Cheese and I. Hand us a Boogie Board and we’re set for hours. Aubrey wanted to walk the pier because she’d never been, so we ended up doing that for a while too. We even got to watch a street performance. It was such a relaxing afternoon.securedownload (2)

I was so excited for what Monday had in store for me…. DISNEYLAND. Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE DISNEYLAND. It’s in my blood. Seriously. There’s nothing like that fireworks display, the rides, the hours of waiting, the princesses…. The list could go on and on. We woke up so early and headed to Disneyland. We had a fifteen hour day. And I think we rode all of our favorite rides, some new ones, and also got amazing seats for both the firework show and Fantasmic! Seriously, I sometimes cry I’m so happy during the shows. It’s just a magical thing that Disneyland. My favorite new thing that we did was the Cars ride. If you have yet to ride that one, RIDE IT. It was sooo much fun! Also, another new thing that we did this year was Disneybound. For those of you who don’t know what that is, you basically dress up like a Disney character, but in normal clothes. I went as Alice in Wonderland, my mom as Minnie Mouse, and Aubrey went as Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It-Ralph! It was a ton of fun. And it was fun pointing out the other Disneybounders. Let’s just say that this years Disneybounding was the start of a beautiful tradition. securedownload (3) securedownload (4) securedownload (5) securedownload (6)

Let me say that I love Disneyland. But a 15 hour day is rough. I honestly debated if I even still had feet at the end of the day they were so numb with pain. But luckily, the next day was another relaxed, no schedule kind of day. We went to Downtown Disney to do souvenir shopping and such in the morning and then went to the beach. On the way to the beach we hit up this place called Slater’s 50/50. I absolutely recommend this place if you love bacon and burgers! SO DELICIOUS. You can custom design your burgers and everything is just so delicious. I almost died from a food coma, but if I did, I would have died very happy (and fat). Then we went to the beach. It was a grand old time as always. I absolutely love the beach. There’s just something about it. And let me tell you, laying on the beach for hours in the sun sure was what the doctor ordered after 15 hours at Disneyland!securedownload (7) securedownload (8)And this brings us into our last day at the happiest place on earth…. Our last day in Disneyland was another fifteen hour day. Full of lots of rides and we even hit up all three shows! We started at World of Color, and while running to Adventureland to get good spots for Fantasmic, we got a pretty grand sight of the firework show. We rode Cars two times and finished riding the rest of the rides we didn’t get a chance to on Monday. It was such a grand day. I can’t even explain. I just want to live in Disneyland. Maybe, I’ll just climb in a tree and refuse to come down. Or jump in the water and use a bamboo stick to breathe and live there. Just kidding… Kinda. But really. I know this is so short and it doesn’t even cover what a fantastic day we had at Disneyland!securedownload (9) securedownload (10)Spending time at Disneyland and relaxing at the beach just made me feel so lucky and blessed. I know that the only reason I was able to have such a fantastic first part of my vacation was because of my mom. She gave up her awesome tickets to the Train concert to be able to give her daughters a couple of days in paradise. She’s such a selfless and loving mom. I love her and am so thankful to her. Disneyland has a key into my heart. I love California. Peace and blessing, y’all!


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