Family Vacation: Arizona.

I decided it’s probably about time to finish up my  postings about my family vacation. So here we go….

After a couple of long and wonderful days in California, on Thursday, we packed it up and headed to Arizona to meet my sister and her roommate for part two of our vacation. We got there and we were staying at the Arizona Grand Resort. I stayed there back in like 8th grade with my best friend and I thought it would be fun to stay there again. So we did. As soon as we got to the hotel, we changed into our swim suits and hit the resort. After riding the slides, laying out in the sun, taking a ride down the lazy river, and catching some waves in the wave pool, we decided it was probably time to go to dinner. As per request by me, we found a Zupas Cafe and went there. My family was pretty skeptical, but they ended up really loving it! And I’m glad because that is honestly one of my favorite eating spots ever. Too bad it’s a 10 minute drive from where I live and I don’t have a car…. The struggle is real ladies and gentlemen. Image

The next morning we all packed it up and went to the mall. I only wanted to be there for a couple of hours so we could go back and spend some time at the resort before going to the concert, but we ended up spending all day there. But it was alright, because I got some back to school shopping done. Also, we got to see our favorite cousin there and his two littlest ones. It was nice to hear about how his family was doing. We also got to go to Benihana’s for lunch. It was soooo delicious! Then after a full and long day of shopping we went back to the hotel and got ready for the concert. What concert? THE JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT. Laugh at me all you want, but my teenage crush on the Jonas Brothers just may never die. And I’m fine with that. We were so excited to see them! And one of my best friend from back home was at the concert too! It was so much fun to see her! ImageImage After meeting up with her, we went to our seats at the concert. The opening acts were nothing better than “ok,” but we didn’t really mind because we weren’t there for them; we were there for the Jonas Brothers. When it was FINALLY time for the JoBro’s to go on, everyone in the front rows was looking back. I was there thinking to myself “There’s no way they’re going to walk down these rows.” And then Nick Jonas walked on stage. Once I saw that he entered from on stage, I knew that Joe and Kevin were going to fall in the same fashion. I guess I’m not always right…. I heard sooo much screaming from about 2 rows down, Kevin Jonas was walking down that aisle! And then, before I knew it, Joe was walking down the AISLE THAT WAS MINE. No. Way. I died. My heart started racing, I screamed and ran to the aisle. I snapped a quick shot of Joe and then caressed his chest. Mmmmm. It was a dream come true. Too good to be real. Then the concert really started. I was still in shock that I really touched Joe Jonas and I was still all twitterpated. And then I heard “ARE YOU CRYING?” Lo and behold, Aubrey was crying like a 7 year old who just met Justin Bieber. And not like just a couple tears, I’m talking, streams/rivers falling down her face. And it’s not like that was just for a minute. No. Three songs into the concert I look down and she’s still crying like a baby! HILARIOUS. I hope the video works for y’all to witness this for yourself.Image

After Aubrey calmed down a little, we seriously enjoyed the concert. It was such a good night. And let me tell you, those Jonas Brothers still got it. Especially Nick. Mmmm. That falsetto. Ohhh lala. I would marry anybody with a voice like that. Not really, but you know what I mean.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

After such an amazing and fun night of the Jonas Brothers, we went home and enjoyed the last night of shark week.

The next day was time to go… We got to sleep in and then packed it up. But before we left, my mom let us have a nice few hours at the resort. It was so nice. We even got Aubrey to do the big slides! And then, before we knew it, it was time to go.Image

It’s always hard going from vacation back to reality, but I had such an amazing vacation. I feel so blessed that I can have such vacations and that my mom is willing to go above and beyond to make her girls happy. 


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