Summer Recap.

Well hi there. I’m finally posting again. I’ve been filled with so many things that I’ve been wanting to blog about as of late, but no time and also, no internet has come in my way. Sydney and I just set up our wireless internet in our new apartment and we did it all by ourselves! What up! We’re pretty proud of ourselves… Not gonna lie! It’s our last day of summer and how we’re spending it is some last minute shopping, getting books for school, and reading our syllabus’s (syllabi?) Who knows…

But apart from all the hustle and bustle of school starting, I’ve been thinking about what an awesome summer that this has turned out to be. I know, you read about that before, but I thought I’d just recap some of the highlights for ya. And going through my pictures and deciding which ones to use was pretty hard… So, I’m going to post a lot of pictures and explain a couple of groups at a time!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI guess we’ll start with my return to the United States and my last weekend in Provo before I went back home. It was honestly such an amazing weekend. I got to go to the Provo Temple with some of my closest friends from my freshman year. I also got to attend and go Ratchet Girl Crazy at our friend Jordan’s wedding. And then we attended some farewells. Mostly on that Sunday I remember saying goodbye to almost all of my missionaries. I cried for days. But I’m so happy for them and so happy I got to have such an amazing last few days with these kids!ImageImageMy sweet Grandma turned 80. We celebrated a lot for her. Ain’t she a cutie? I loved being able to visit her a lot this summer. I got to hear all of her stories about my dad and just about her life. She’s a funny one!ImageImageImageImageImageMy family and I celebrated the Fourth of July 2 times. Yes, indeed. We started the celebratories with our annual neighborhood parade. And as always, we showed everyone up and came on the motorcycle. I had to work all night on the fourth, so we postponed fireworks a couple of days and then had a real good time.ImageImageImageMy brother and his wife had their second child, baby Juliana. She was so small and precious. I absolutely love my brothers little kiddos and got to spend a lot of time with them this summer and got to grow closer to both of them.ImageImageImageImageI had two amazing visits to the lake. Elephant Butte might not be much, but we have so much fun every time we go. We spend hours out on the Screamer (our Tube) trying to flip each other, jumping off cliffs, and eating all the junk food our hearts desire. It’s always so much fun and so relaxing to go to the lake.ImageMy dad turned 60. He might kill me for saying that on the internet, but he’s hit a big land mark in his life. I absolutely love him and it was so much fun to throw a birthday party for him and get all of our family and friends together to celebrate life!ImageImageMy best friend got to visit me. I’m not sure if I blogged about the visit, but it was great! She was on her way to California and got to stop for the night and visit with me. As soon as I picked her up I took her on a little tour of Albuquerque. I showed her all the schools I went to, my dance studio, my work. Everything. And then we caught up on life. It was honestly the best time ever. I love this girl and I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself when she leaves on her mission next week!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOur family vacation to California and Arizona. You can read a lot more about that trip in my other blog posts, but that week was so amazing and I wish I could return to the sunny sea side of California and not be starting school tomorrow.ImageImageOne of the biggest and best parts of the whole summer was spending so much time with my sisters. I absolutely love those girls. They make me who I am. I definitely have a blog post up my sleeve for them. But just know that I am so grateful for them and the fact that they’re the best.ImageI know this last picture took place a BYU, but it was a big highlight of my summer. Being reunited with my native sisters at Living Legends auditions. I absolutely adore these girls and admire them. They’re such amazing daughters of God. And I look up to them in so many ways.

This summer was so amazing in so many ways. As excited as I am to be back in my apartment and back with my friends, I’m going to miss this summer. It was so relaxing. But here’s to bigger and better things that God has up his sleeve for me! I’m so incredibly blessed with my friends and family that made this summer so spectacular!


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