Birthday Wishes.

Today was my first day of school. And I survived. College is just as good as it has always been. I’m constantly reminded that thousands of people would kill for my position at this amazing school and I feel so blessed and humbled that I have the opportunity to be able to attend this school.

But beyond today being my first day of school, it is also my wonderful mother’s birthday. If you know me, you know I’m a total momma’s girl. I call for just about everything; to deliver amazing news, to cry to her, and honestly I call her at least 3 times a week to ask for her opinion on what I should make myself for dinner. My mom is my absolute best friend. She is always so supportive of me and I know that she wants the best for me. I owe so much to her. 

I’m also constantly reminded of how alike we are. Everyone always tells us that we look like twins (I still don’t see it, but I’ve got to trust everyone right?). And I came to BYU and I’m also going to major in accounting. I am also a member of Living Legends, a dance group she did while she attended BYU. We love to “Moose Dance” (aka the loser dance… aka mom dance).

We have so many more likeness-es. But we also have our differences. She has such a firm foundation on the Lord. She prays constantly and mostly for others. She would drop anything to be there for her kids. Her biggest joy in life is seeing her kids happy. She sacrifices so much to make sure that our family is taken care of and that we stick together as our Ohana. She is so incredibly intelligent. She loves her job and loves what she does. She loves unconditionally. I could go on and on.

I aspire to be more like my mom every day. She has been through so much and I admire her so much. I hope that one day I can be as strong in my faith as she is, to appreciate my culture as much as she does, to be as selfless and loving as she, and to be as perfect of a wife and mother as she is. I have so much work to do, but luckily I have her with me every step of the way to help lead and guide me in the path I should go.

I love you mom and I hope you have such a good day.Image


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