Who Am I.

At BYU this year, I am taking a New Testament class. I am more than beyond excited to be taking this class because I honestly haven’t read the Bible, let alone the New Testament all the way through in my whole life. And I don’t know why I put it off until I took this class, because it’s about our Lord and Savior. And not just about Him, but about what He did when He walked on earth. How could I possibly pass something like that up?

Yesterday was my first day of my New Testament class. Like any other first day of class, I assumed that we would be going over the syllabus and what we would be covering this year. However, I was seriously mistaken. We jumped right into it. And not just did we jump into the scripture, we jumped into the deep doctrine. And the lesson started off with identity. Who are you? We read from Moses and went over the whole chapter, basically, but one verse that was the “reason” you could say, that this lesson was about identity was in Moses verse 4. Jesus is talking to Moses and He says to him, “Behold, thou art my son.” Well, first off imagine being in God’s presence. That’s almost impossible to fathom. And then think about hearing the words from God Himself, “thou art my son” (or daughter). Let me tell you, I feel so incredibly blessed knowing that I am a  daughter of God. I know that He loves me and that He died for my sins. And I know that even in my sin, He always has His hand stretched towards me. I cannot imagine what it’s going to be like one day being in His presence and Him saying “Behold, thou art my daughter.” 

But more than just hearing that, let’s think about the word “son.” What does a son do? A son grows up to be like His father. The identity that Christ gave Moses in that one word. The possibility that God gave Moses; the calling that God gave Moses in that one word. In that word “son,” God gave Moses the divine potential to grow and to be like Him. Wow. 

See, when I think that I am a daughter of God I know that I am created in His image. I know that I am made and crafted perfectly by His hand. I know that He loves me. That He watches over me. That He hears my prayers. But let me tell you, for all the years I’ve known this, I’ve never really thought about what being a daughter to the King of Kings truly is. 

Now people are always putting labels on you. Judging you. They use terms like “weird,” “funny,” “pretty,” “awkward,” “talented,” etc. to describe you. I remember I went to this sermon at Copper Pointe and the message was on labels. And I remember that Pastor Galen talked about how there’s only one label out there that matters. And it’s “daughter” or “son” of God.

You are a daughter or son of God. He loves you. He died for you. He suffered for you. He set the perfect example for you. He picks you up when you fall. And He calls you “son” and “daughter” because He knows that with His help, you have the ability to be like Him. 

There was a lot of great things that I could have talked about from my class yesterday, but I chose this one. I don’t know why. Maybe because it was the reminder that I need. Or maybe it was because someone else needed a reminder. I’m not sure. But let me tell you that this is one of the finest, most important truths you can ever come to. That you are His beloved sons and daughters. And that you have more potential than just earthly callings, but to become like our God.


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