Thy Will Be Done.

So this week in New Testament was a lot of factual information. And I was honestly thinking to myself, “How am I going to find something insightful and enlightening to post about?” And then, almost as soon as I thought that, my teacher uttered some inspiring words and some words that I think we needed to be reminded of often.

In Luke 1, it’s talking about the birth story of John the Baptist. Zacharias and Elisabeth, John the Baptist’s parents, probably got married at a younger age and lived a long life together. A long life that one can imagine they both dedicated to the Lord and each other. And one thing that they truly wanted was to have children. However, Elisabeth was barren. In their early years of marriage, I can only imagine that they kept praying that by some miracle, she would conceive a child. And finally, when they are both old and well over the prime time to have children, an angel appeared to Zacharias and told him that his wife would bear a son named John. And of course, at first John doubted the angel. He says in Luke 1: 18, “Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years.” 

Can you even fathom the idea of having a child when you are that old? I know the Bible doesn’t say exactly when Zacharias had this encounter with the angel, but I can only imagine he was in his 80’s/90’s. And I do not doubt that Zacharias asked himself, “Why now?”

Do you find yourself often asking, “Why now?” Why now does God answer my prayers? Why now does God put this trial in my life? Why now does this have to come up? Why now?

Let me tell you, I do. All the time. I am always asking God “Why?” Why this, why that. And I know I’m not the only one. We are reminded so often that God does everything in His own timing. We have been taught that all our lives. And yet we still question His timing. When we want things and when we ask God for things we often want them now. We do not want to wait. But my teacher reminded me, like I’ll need to be reminded probably 10,000 times more, that God waits to give you things for your own good.

When we pray to God for clarity, for peace, and for strength to get through our lives; when we pray to God for anything have you noticed that the prayer is often “Thy will be done, but on my timing.”

When we face trials, tribulations, and even blessings, we often do not even think about the significance of those events until down the road. We often look back on the good and the bad and see how God’s hand was so gently and perfectly placed on our each and every move in our lives.

Let us stop praying “Now, now, now” and start praying “Whenever you may.” Let us stop questioning why and understand that we will not understand until later. May we remind ourselves as we pray and we wait for God to answer our prayers that some blessings and answers come sooner, some come later, and some do not come until heaven; but they will always come to those who are faithful and diligent. 



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