Water to Wine.

So many times when we read about Christ and his years that He spent preaching on the earth. We’ve read it time and time again, but have you ever felt like you truly just do not understand the fullness of what you’ve been reading all these years? That’s how I’ve felt while in my New Testament class. I feel as though I have read all these passages that we are studying for class a hundred times over, but God is seriously inspiring my teacher and helping me understand God’s magnitude through this class.

This past week we studied in John 2, where Jesus turns water into wine. And I don’t think that I’m the only one who reads that and is like “What a miracle that is, turning water into wine.” I never thought of that miracle as anything more than that. But in class my professor pointed out the incredible symbolism that came from that story.

In verse 6 of John 2, Jesus points to the waterpots that are used for purifying to be used as the water that He will then turn to wine. I never really thought about the pots that contain the water that Jesus plans on using, but think about how filthy those pots must be. They are used for purifying which means that they start with clean water in them and end up with filthy water because of washing and purifying. And Jesus wants to use the filthy containers to hold the water that turned into wine. Verse 9 of chapter 2 reads “When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (But the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom.” Now, here comes the crazy symbolism. Jesus took that filthy water, the unclean and undesirable water, and made it into a very desirable wine. Think of that in terms to us. We come to Jesus with all of our sins, all of our trials, all of our struggles, all of our imperfections, and through His atonement, He makes us clean and perfect beyond what we could imagine.

I never thought of relating that miracle to my life like that, but it’s so true. Anyone who has come to God or knows God at all has gone through this process and continues to go through it. And more than that, this symbolism is Jesus in a nutshell. If someone doesn’t know Jesus or any of the miracles that He did, I hope that someone tells them this one. Jesus came to this earth, so perfect and mighty. He lived the only perfect life that could ever have been and will ever be lived. He took upon us our cup of bitterness- our struggles, adversity, trials, and temptations- so that we could be perfect. 

I have so much to learn about this gospel and I learn more every day. I am still developing my testimony with each time I open my scriptures and read them, but I have always had a testimony of the atonement. I know that God can turn all my bitterness into something beyond any divinity we could imagine. I know that Jesus suffered for my sins and that He knows exactly what I’m going through. And I know that even though I mess up time and time again, just like Jesus turned that filth water into the utmost divine wine, He can turn me into my most perfect self. 


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