Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in this production on campus called Evidance. It was seriously so beautiful. For those of you who weren’t able to attend or don’t go to BYU, Evidance is a production put on by all the dance companies in the department of dance. Those include Ballroom Company, Ballet Theater, Contemporary Dance Company, Folk Dance Company, and Living Legends.

It was seriously one of the most beautiful productions ever. And it was inspiring beyond words. As most of you know, I did not grow up doing Native American dance. I grew up taking ballet and jazz. And I didn’t want to give that up when I came to college. But I did to be a part of Living Legends. And while I love Living Legends more than words, my heart still yearns and moves with the ballerinas and contemporary dancers. I remember in one of the shows just sitting in the wings and crying because of the passion the dancers had. It reminded me so much of why I started dancing. And while my heart and body yearned to dance like I used to, I know that all those years of ballet and jazz prepared me to be a part of Living Legends.

Well, anyhows. I just wanted to share two beautiful videos that some of my favorite people in Living Legends put together. I’m so thankful for these visionaries (Gracie and Roy) who put together these videos. These will be memories that I’ll look back on for years and remember how blessed I am and have been. Enjoy!


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