Look to God.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my New Testament class? I know I have, but I’m just going to say it again. This class has opened my mind and made me really search the scriptures. And my favorite thing about thisclass is when my teacher shows me so much more in the text than I was seeing. More than I ever realized.

That’s what he did, yet again, for me as we read the story of Christ walking on water. While I’m constantly amazed the Christ could walk on water, there’s so much more to that story. My favorite part of that story has become when Peter joins Christ and also walks on water. So some preface to this part of the story is that Christ just finished feeding the 5,000. And while that is a stupendous miracle, what I needed to hear and what I feel like others will need to read is what comes following. Christ leaves His disciples and goes to pray. While he is gone, the winds and the sea build up against His disciples. And in the midst of all the chaos and all the toil, Christ walks on water to His disciples. His disciples see Him and are so afraid that He is a ghost. Peter challenges the Lord by saying something along the lines of “If you are really Christ, let me also walk on the water.” And Jesus grants him that. 

That isn’t the part I want to focus on though. It’s what comes next. While walking on the water and experiencing such a miracle, Peter looks to Christ. But the second he looks away from Christ and focus’ on the storm around him, he begins to sink. Matthew 14:30 reads, ” But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.” 

We all face challenges and fight through the storms that come into our lives. And during those storms, Christ often grants miracles and tender mercies. But more often than that, we do what Peter did and focus more on the storm around us than on the one who can save us. But let us not forget that right after Peter took his focus off of Christ, he recognized that he could not save himself, only Christ could save Him.

During every trial you have, you might lose focus on the one who can save you. I do. But do not forget that even while we feel the waves and the wind taking us down, Christ is there. He is always there. He will always be there. All we have to do is reach out for Him. 

Isn’t that crazy? All we have to do is reach out for Him. It’s such a simple act, but we all have such a hard time doing it.

Whatever you are facing, look to God. Whatever storm comes about you, look to God. Whenever you feel yourself falling, reach for God. He is always there. No matter your past mistakes or your present conditions, no matter how big the storm, no matter what, God is right there with arms wide open and the power to lift you up through any trials. All you have to do is reach for him.


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