Recap of Life.

So lately my blog has been transformed into a spiritual journal. Which is not a bad thing in the least, but I also want to keep up with why I started this blog in the first place, to document my life. I have been nothing but terrible at keeping my blog up to date on my life. So here’s this semester in review, thus far. Ready? Here it goes!

ImageSo this semester started with auditions for Living Legends. And this years was great. All of the Native Sista’s reauditioned and made it. I don’t remember all too much about auditions other than it was awesome. And my mom got to be there. Which I think was really special for her, since she also did Living Legends when she attended BYU. The group we ended up with is such an amazing group. They’re my best friends and family. Below is the picture of our little Native Family. I just love them to death. We get way too loud, ghetto, and crazy, but I would not have any idea what to do with my life without them.image (3)imageimage (6)


The second week of school my best friend Stacey came to make her final visit before she reported to the MTC. Ah. I miss her so much thinking about it, but I’m too incredibly proud of her. She is serving in Baguio Phillipines. And she is killing it. It was so much fun to have her in town. To visit with old friends. To finally be reunited. But let me tell you, that time was just too short. Before I knew it, I was hugging her outside of Kneader’s trying not to ball my eyes out… It was such a hard goodbye, but it will be the sweetest hello when she returns in a year and a half! image (7) image (8) image (9) image (10)

This year I had such an amazing opportunity to return to Washington D.C. with Living Legends. It was such an amazing and fun trip. We have the blessing of being able to go out to a big event that the Marriott’s host out there and to be able to dance alongside the BYU Folk Dance Team. Not only is it amazing to be able to go to D.C. with my Native Pack, but the Folkies are absolutely amazing. We even made a little music video (which I can’t seem to find for the life of me…). Such an amazing and beautiful trip.image (14) image (15) image (16) image (17) image (18) image (19) image (20) image (21) image (22) image (23) image (24) image (25) image (26)

Next was for sure Evidance. I know that I’ve already posted about it, but I just have so share again about how amazing it was. It was our first performance with this new group and it was so much fun. A lot of rehearsal and a lot of performances, but a lot of fun. Here are some photos that Tyler Smith took as well as some Kodak moments back stage with the Natives.image (27) image (28) image (30) image (32)


Two other absolutely amazing times that weekend that I must share. That weekend my friends and I decided to go the Provo Farmers market to partake of the most perfect Waffle Love waffles. I hate waffles, so the fact that I love these waffles should say something about the quality of these waffles. While waiting for their booth to open, we decided to walk around. And then I spotted something. I spotted my favorite blogger of all time, Emma Vidmar. I was fangirling hard core. I thought my stomach was gonna drop strait to my feet. I was so star struck. And I know that sounds ridiculous (and it is), but Stacey and I fangirl over her life on the daily. We are obsessed. I was way too afraid to just walk up to her, especially when she was really interested and in the middle of a purchase. So I walked away. Before we got our waffles, we decided that I should just go talk to Emma already. But she was nowhere to be found. You can imagine the utter heartbreak and stupidity I felt…. So we got some waffles and ate them with much delight. On our way back to the car guess who we saw? You guessed it. Emma. I was not going to let this moment pass me by. I walked right up to her. She was the sweetest girl ever. So cute! I just want to be her best friend in real life…. Ok, I’m done with that story now, before you guys think I’m an even bigger freak…. image (29)

So the next part of this story is the big game. We had our biggest rivalry football game against Utah University. And not only that, but it was our last game for like 4 years against them. And (just like I knew we would) we lost… It was really upsetting. Especially since a lot of the calls were total caca. I was tizzed. But it was a fun time as always with my girls!image (31)

Next up is conference weekend. You guys, I just cannot even express how much I love Conference weekend. I love this church. It is so beyond true. And the prophets are so inspired in all their teachings and all their words. But beyond all the wonderful, true, and inspiring words we got to hear, we went on a little scenic drive up the canyon. We went to walk around Sundance. It was so gorgeous. Really cold, but too beautiful. We just walked around, talked, laughed, and took pictures. We attempted to take the Throw-Leaves-Because-We’re-Cute picture… And it turned out well… Y’know. Not as cute as we wanted. Lol. We’re still cute though! I also met the man of my dreams and he was kind enough to take a picture with me. We took a picture on the lift. Ain’t he a cutie? Ok. I’ve used the word “cute” way too many times for life. I’m done.image (33) image (34) image (35) image (37) image (38)

The Native section had the opportunity to be a part of Homecoming Spectacular this year. We got to perform alongside the Cougarettes, a tap group, Young Ambassadors, and many more. We felt kind of out of place because we were so completely different, but our part of the show had an incredible impact. My favorite part was being able to relive what my mom got to do. When she was in Living Legends (what was then called Lamanite Generations), she also got to perform in Homecoming Spectacular. Before one of the shows, she took a picture of her and her best friend being complete goofs, and I wanted to recreate that picture. And I did. I was so happy. I absolutely love being able to have the same experiences as my mom and make my own memories through Living Legends. I also have to admit that I look like my moms twin in this picture. I never thought we looked like twins until now!image (40) image (36)


The Native’s really wanted to get into the Halloween spirit this year. We watched scary movies together and even went to haunted houses together. This year we decided to go hard and go to Nightmare on 13th. We were so excited! It ended up not being as scary as everyone said it was, but it was still so much fun! Our group got split up for pictures, but it was still so great! image (42) image (43) image (44)


So since I’m 19, and all of my friends are as well, all of my friends are leaving on missions. Stacey got to come have a final Hoorah in Utah before reporting to the MTC and Katie did as well. We had such a great weekend. On Saturday, we got to do a session at the Draper Temple. It is my second favorite temple in the world (my first being the Quetzaltenango Temple). It was so gorgeous. And the location is prime. You can see all of Utah it seems. It is just breathtaking. We got to do a couple of baptisms for the Minnick’s. Tami Minnick. She is such an amazing mother, friend, and person in general. I just love her so much! After we went to the temple, we went to lunch with Tami and updated her on our lives. It was such a great afternoon. That Sunday, we also got to visit our old bishop. He is such a wonderful man. And honestly, one of my best friends up here in Utah. It was nice to catch up with him, even if just for five minutes! And we also found a look alike Andy in bishop’s new ward. I miss my missionaries! But anyhows, it was such a great weekend that we had with Katie. I miss her so much, but can’t wait to see her one more time before she reports to the MTC.image (45) image (47) image (49) image (54)

Now to get into all of Sydney and I’s Halloween Festivities. We did a lot this year! We went on a hayride with our FHE family and just loved all the pumpkins, so we had to take pictures with them. I know, typical girls. Don’t care. We also went on a great date with some guys from our wards up to Sundance. During the Halloween season, Sundance converts the ski lift into a ride that takes you over Halloween scenes. It was so much fun! And a lot scarier than I thought it would be… Some stoopid gorilla only scared us about 5 times. But I wasn’t the only one screaming. So it was ok, right? But honestly, that was such a great night and date. We had a ward Halloween party and it was such a fun night. It was also Jerad’s birthday, so I started the night with Navajo tacos at his place. Just a note, I get really ghetto when I’m with the Natives. And that ghetto level sky rockets when we play video games. I had just finished playing this video game with the Natives and I was in Ghetto-Mode to the max when I went to the ward Halloween party. It took a good hour to calm down my inner black. But my hyper/ghetto level made the ward party so much fun. We got down! … Until they played a pop version of Popcorn popping on the apricot tree… Then I couldn’t handle anymore and ditched that party and went back to Jerad’s. But it was such a fun night! We also invited a couple of our FHE brothers over to carve pumpkins. We turned on The Nightmare Before Christmas and got to carving. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t do too much of the carving, but I did dig for all the seeds out of the pumpkin guts, and my roommate made the most delicious baked pumpkin seeds out of them. It was a great night with those guys. For Halloween we got dressed up and went to the Center Street Party. I think I’m over dance parties for the most part. That party was lame. But it was a great night with my friends. I loved dressing up as Belle for Halloween, and more than that loved Sydney dressed as Grumpy Cat. Too great. image (50) image (48) image (51) image (61) image (52) image (53) image (57) image (58) image (56) image (60) image (63) image (64) image (65) image (67) image (68) image (70) image (71)

One last thing that we did (that’ll bring us up to date) is we went to the Vocal Point concert. When I went to D.C., one of the folk dancers that came with us ended up being a member of Vocal Point. And so when I found out that Vocal Point had a concert, I had to go. It was such a great concert. They were super entertaining and they have voices of angels. Mmmm. But Cody did so good. And it was a great night out with my girls.image (73)image (69) 

That brings us up to date on what I have been up to this semester. It’s been a really tough semester, but an incredible one. I’ve never had this much fun or been this close to a group of friends. This semester has treated me well, but I there’s still a lot to do. Coming up on my calendar we have: Pow Wow, our first show, Tour, Thanksgiving, Christmas Joy, and finals. It’s going to be a tough last month of school, I can tell, but I can also tell that it’s going to hold some of the best memories ever. Here’s to a crazy busy, crazy good rest of the semester!




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