Christmas Joy.

I know that everyone’s probably so sick of hearing about Christmas Joy by this point, but I do not care. It is one of the biggest parts of my life, and especially of my Christmas season. For those of you who I haven’t really talked to about Christmas Joy, but you see all my posts about it, I’ll explain what it is.

Christmas Joy is a dance show put on by the Performers Ballet and Jazz Company in Albuquerque. And while most people assume it’s something like the Nutcracker, because it’s put on only during the Christmas time, it’s totally different. Christmas Joy tells the story of Christ and his life through dance. We have angels, wiseman, drummer boys, and all the like. It is the most beautiful Christmas production. It puts the emphasis of Christmas right where it should be, on Christ.

I had the opportunity to dance in Christmas Joy for eleven years. And it was the best eleven years ever. I still remember being backstage during my first year and petting the lamb that we used during finale. I remember wanting to be in Drummer Boy more than anything, but knowing I was far too tall to ever be in it. I remember singing Oh Holy Night and thinking that it said “King of Sardines.” I remember going to the Frontier between shows with my family. I remember when we changed theaters and how weird it was at first, but what a blessing it was. I remember White Elephant parties between shows. I remember Secret Sisters. I remember being so excited to be a part of Gloria with all the big girls. I remember the overwhelming feeling of joy and love of my savior I felt when I was on stage. I remember crying as my best friends performed their last shows. I remember it all.

This year was my second year sitting in the audience after being a part of it for so long. And I am not quite sure why, but this year was a lot more emotional for me. Maybe it was because my little sister was in it this year, or maybe it was because I just finished reading and really pondering the Gospels. But this show had such a different feeling than last years did. As soon as the music started, I had tears in my eyes. Heck, backstage when I prayed with the company before show, I had tears in my eyes. I definitely had tears in my eyes during that time because of the overwhelming amount of love and gratitude I had for all of the dancers as well as having the opportunity to be in it for eleven years. I cried so many times during the show. I cried because I was so so proud of my little sister. I truly saw her bloom on stage. I cried because of how much my friends had grown as dancers. I cried because I could see the testimony of some of my best friends radiating in every move and in every dance. I cried because I missed it. I cried because it hit me how much I respect Mary and her role that she played. I cried because of the new dances. I cried, because the lyrics and the moves made so much sense and because of their beauty. And I cried because I am so thankful for such an amazing Lord.

I know I’ve talked about the He Was slides so many times, but they really are the best part of the show. The whole show could just be that slide show, and it would still be worth every penny. I wish I could post the slide show for you all to watch, because it’s so perfect. My video did absolutely no justice to what that slide show does. Christ is the true meaning of Christmas. He was born of a virgin. He performed many miracles. He suffered for us. He was alone. He was pierced, abandoned, and dead. He wasn’t done when He died on the cross though. He was raised, seen, heard, touched, held, loved, praised. HE IS OUR CHRISTMAS JOY.

I love this show and all that it is. It truly is inspired and a missionary work. I am so blessed to have been a part of it for so many years and to have it be a part of my Christmas tradition.

I was able to help backstage this year, and when I had a minute, I went and took pictures backstage, and I just wanted to share some of them. I also included some pictures with Cheese. And the Iglesias’. Talk about life long friends. The Performers has definitely brought me the best of friends that I will have for years to come. image (9) image (10) image (11) image (12) image (13) image (14) image (15) image (8) image (16) image (17) image (18) image (19) image (20) image (21) image (22) image (23) image (24) image (25) image (26)  image (28) image (29) image (30) image (31) image (32) image (33)  image (36)  image (38)image (39)image (40)image (41)image (42)image (43)image (44)image (45)image (46)image (47)image (48)image (49)image (50)image (51)image (52)image (53)image (54)image (55)image (56)image (57)image (58)image (59)image (60)image (61)image (62)image (63)image (64)image (65)image (66)image (67)image (68)image (69)image (70)image (71)image (72)image (73)image (74)image (75)image (76)image (77)image (78)image (79)image (80)image (81)image (82)image (83)image (84)image (85)image (86)image (87)image (88)image (89)image (90)

image (91)


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