Christmas Candid’s.

Oh how I love the holiday season. Mostly because I love being home and that’s exactly where I was for this past week. Home with my family. I spent the most relaxing days in my PJ’s doing nothing. I’ve taken time to write my missionaries back. I’ve caught up on reading blogs. I’ve read a lot. I’ve seen a lot of old friends. It has been absolutely amazing this break. Definitely good for the soul.

This Christmas I didn’t get much under the tree, but that’s okay, because I did get an amazing camera. I’m in love with it. I hardly put it down after opening it up and charging it on Christmas morning. Luckily I have the most beautiful family that models for me by just being themselves. I got some pretty great candid’s that day. I’m no photographer, in any way, and I know how to use a grand total of 2 of the many functions on my camera; but I just wanted to share my cute family with you guys. Most of the pictures are of my niece, Juliana. But you can’t disagree when I say she’s the cutest baby, possibly ever. 



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