I still cannot grasp the fact that it is already 2014. It’s completely mind boggling. As we all know, New Years comes with a lot of Resolutions. People make resolutions to get more fit, to save money, to eat better, to do all sorts of things. And New Years Resolutions are more popularly known for being dropped and forgotten by the time March rolls around. So they don’t always have the best impression.

I read this blog post once, many years ago, about someone’s opinions of New Years Resolutions. He thought they were annoying and didn’t see a point in them. One point that I did like that he made was that New Years should not be the only time that we can “Start new.” If you have something you want to change, change it. I loved that. But it didn’t make me never want to make a New Years Resolution again. Because I think that resolutions and goals are good. I love setting goals for myself. So I just wanted to share some of my goals for 2013.

  1. More of God, less of me. This year was truly the year that I blossomed in God. Especially with the amazing New Testament class that I took. I gained a true testimony of the Lord and of the church. But I know there is just so much more that I have to work on. I’m reading this book called Undaunted by Christine Cane, and I’m loving it. I think it’s so inspiring to read her journey with God. But I’m also just inspired by how much she truly trusts in God. As I’ve been reading this book, it’s been eye opening to me where I need to work on my relationship with God. This year, I am determined to strengthen that bond I have with my Heavenly Father.
  2. Focus on school more. This semester was such an amazing semester, but I’m not exactly happy with my grades. Not to say that they were bad, they were all decent. But I am so much better and so much smarter than “decent grades.” So I’m determined to truly buckle down. Even if that means not going out as much, or being a little more anti-social, I need to focus on school. My education is what I’m out in Utah for anyways, so I need to rearrange my priorities.
  3. Eat healthier and treat my body better. I know, I know. That is such a cliche New Years Resolution, but I really do. Lately, I have been eating terrible (if I eat at all). Yes, I have been losing weight and I’m finally back down to my normal weight, but I have not been doing it in a healthy way. So I need to eat regularly and what I eat needs to be more fresh and less processed. I also need to start regularly exercising. I mean, I do dance a lot, but other than that, I need to work out more. Just take more general care of my body. I truly believe that it is a temple given to me by God, so I need to start taking care of it.
  4. Be more positive. Lately, I feel like I have been a little too negative. I find myself complaining a lot, posting my annoyances on social media, or just gossiping about people I don’t like. That needs to stop. I need to start loving others with the love of Christ. I need to start being a positive light in this world, because there is far too much negativity in it without my help. And I need to calm down and stop complaining. I live a very blessed life. And even when things don’t go according to plan or how I want them to, I need to accept it and not let it dictate my mood.
  5. Blog more. I am not exactly one for journaling (although that’s something that I’m working on), but this blog is somewhat like a journal for me. I can put pictures, share things I’ve found interesting, and share my story through here. This world is run by social media, and that might be why I enjoy keeping a tab on my life’s events through blogging more than I do with a journal, but I truly love blogging.

I want to share these with you guys because I think it will keep me accountable. I also wanted to write down my goals for myself in 2014 to share them. I love hearing the goals people set for themselves. To see their aspirations. If you want to share yours, I’d love to hear them. 2013 was great, but 2014 has a high standard to meet!


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