Incandescently Happy.

Do you ever have one of those nearly perfect weekends that days later,  you’re still smiling? That’s how this weekend was. It was practically perfect in every way.


Living Legends had a show at the Scera Theater this weekend and it was great. On Friday we did a run through before the show, and I was feeling exhausted, and it showed. The run through was rough. Probably one of the worst runs we’ve had. But when it came time for the show, it felt like one of the best shows. Especially for only having like one actual rehearsal beforehand. It was great and I had fun. Friday after the show, we had to something. So, naturally, we played Black Ops: Zombies. Let me tell you: I am obsessed with that game. Truly obsessed. I love fighting off zombies, even though I’m actually the worst player out of all of us. But I get better everytime. It was actually so sick the set up we had though. We had two flat screens in one room, four players to a tv, with two different games going. We go hard. And by that, I mean I make ugly faces while killing zombies.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Saturday we had another show. It didn’t go quite as well as Friday night, but it was still pretty good. After the show, I went to hang out with my roommate and some friends from our ward. We all ended up going to Roll Up Cafe and indulging in some truly delicious crepes. We ended up staying there till 1 AM laughing so hard tears were shed, getting so loud we almost got kicked out, and having some of the best real talk I’ve had in months. It was one of those nights were I felt truly, incandescently happy. I went to sleep still laughing about some of the things that were said and with a huge fat ol’ smile on my face.



Sunday was little rough, but it ended up being a great night. Mitchell and Seth came over to watch Monster’s University, and it randomly turned into a dinner and Movie and Golden Globes night. It was totally random, but it definitely went down in my book as one of the best nights. 

This weekend and these past couple of days has made me realize how blessed I am. With the opportunities I have, with the friends I’ve made, and with the knowledge of truth of this  gospel. Even though these have been some of the hardest days, I can’t help but feel incandescently happy and overwhelmingly blessed.


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