NorCal Tour.

It has been far too long since I have written on this blog. And I sincerely apologize about that. It has been the craziest couple weeks of life with tour, coming back and attempting to get on top of things, and trying to get into the regular swing of things again.

Tour though. Let’s talk about how amazing it was. I love tour. And I miss it so much. I really didn’t want to go on tour because I had had such an amazing tour to Central America and I didn’t think that anything could quite live up to that standard. And while I’m not sure this tour reached that level, it reached a different level on a different chart. It was an amazing tour. My favorite part of the whole thing was being behind the camera. I got to creep on people hard core and then put it into a video. I got to see everyone’s relationship with each other strengthen, I got to see everyone in their happiest moments, I got to witness the divinity of God’s children. I fell in love with this group of people all over again within those 10 days of tour. We laughed so hard we cried, we cried during our devotionals, we laughed at the falls and mishaps backstage, and we lifted each other up when it got really hard. 

I am so beyond blessed to have this second family in my life. They are truly my brothers and sisters that I know I could turn to whenever I needed. They have strengthened my testimony so much by just being great people and setting that perfect example for me. It’s hard to tell all the stories that happened–all the funny and spiritual experiences that tour holds– but I just wanted to share some happy moments with this great group. 





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