Bijou and Donuts.

What a lovely and lazy weekend this was. I have made it a personal goal to take my camera out with me more. To catch more moments. But honestly it’s hard sometimes. I get so caught up in what I’m doing, I don’t have time for the camera. And that’s alright.

Anyhows, so for the past forever, my friends and I have been wanting to try Art City Doughnuts. The pictures look DUH-vine on Insta of their little doughnuts they sell. I saw they were going to be in Provo and told my girls that we really needed to go. Later that week, I saw one of my favorite bloggers post about a crafts/pinterest/etsy thing (Bijou) in Provo and found out that the doughnut truck and Bijou market would be at the same place and the same time. It was the best news ever.

So Saturday we woke up, got ready and went out. We ordered the Boston Cream Doughnuts and the Strawberry Shortcake doughnuts… Oh my heavens… Perfection in a doughnut. On a doughnut… Whatever. It was sooo good. Mmmm. I’m still dreaming about them. ImageImageImageMmmm, mmmmm Good. After we ate those, we had to take some pics in front of the cute little sign out. We also debated how to say the name of the market. I decided it looks like Boujwaa (even thought the O’s are at the end and there’s no a’s)…. Eh, it sounded legit to me, so I went with it.IMG_4675 IMG_4676

^^Ok, let’s be real…. I have the cutest friends in the world. ^^IMG_4677 IMG_4678 IMG_4679 IMG_4680

^^ Also, let’s all agree I should never be a model. This “potty” pose is not where it’s at. ^^

Ok, I love Utah because all the girls here are so creative and artsy and cute. I was dying at everything there. And truthfully, if it were up to me, I would have probably spent like $200 at least there. So many cute things! Alas, my bank account said “No, no…” and I had to limit myself. One day…. I dream of the day I can go and spend all the money I want. Ha… Good one, Shanoah.

IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4687

And after this lovely morning, I spent the rest of my day with the window open, laying in bed with a mad case of allergies, and editing photos. I love the weekends. And my friends. And doughnuts. That is all.


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