So if you know me, you know I have one opinion about mother’s. And that is that mothers are perfect. Yes, I mean it. And yes, I think that more mother’s than just mine are perfect.

I have seen this video all over my Facebook Newsfeed (sorry to add to that count of yet another viral video), but I saw that it was about mother’s and I had to watch. And as I watched at work, I had tears streaming down my face… Embuhrassing…. But I wiped them away and just thought about how perfect my mother is. (No this is not counting as my Mother’s Day post. That will be for another time).

But my mother is perfect. I think about all that she has done for me and I just. I feel such an overwhelming love for her. She is the strongest woman I know. She has been through a lot. And she has set the perfect example for me. I love after a long day that I can just crawl into her bed and watch TV with her until she falls asleep and it’s time for me to get kicked out. I love that I can always call her no matter what and she’s interested in what I’m saying (except for that one time that I called her during The Bachelorette’s wedding a year ago… Rude). She loves me unconditionally. I love her kisses on the brain that I get nightly at home. And her food. Oh my heavens. If you haven’t had one of my mom’s cookies or her Navajo Taco’s, you live a sad life. Seriously. She was trained by the angel’s, I’m sure of it.

And she has got a testimony that will rock your world. Sometimes I get embarrassed during church when she get’s up to bare her testimony because she gets the “leaky faucets” real bad. But I love that she is so sensitive to the spirit and to His promptings.

I love her back scratches even though she hates when I ask for them. I love her “moose dance” moves. And I love that she has had the same hairstyle since 19ALWAYS (no joke). I love that she loves my friends and wants to meet them.

She has set the perfect example for me. I love that I have the blessing and the privilege to follow in her footsteps here at BYU. To be involved in something as wonderful as Living Legends just as she was. To continue on the legacy.

I love that in this video it talks about how much work being a mother is. I know that being a mother is a lot of work, but I know it was A TON MORE work for my mom because each of her children is such a hot mess in their own ways. We are all aboard the Struggle Bus.

I just wanted to thank my mom for all she has done and continues to do. I know that things are hard and that we were a tough crowd to raise, but you have given me some of the sweetest blessings this life has to offer. I owe so much to you. Love you Mama Sita.


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