I have greatly been anticipating this post for the last couple of days. As soon as I finish editing my videos and upload them, I am always just itching to share them, but we were supposed to have a “Video Release” party last night (which only the native’s and 3 other people showed up to…. Cool) and I didn’t want to ruin the amazing-ness of our video before the party.

So here is my official release. In the midst of finals, we get together and this video hardly does justice to how down we get. I love this group of people so much. They truly are my family away from home. So enjoy our ridiculous dance moves and you’re welcome for the 9 minutes of entertainment I added to your day (insert kissy emoji here).

^^ If you want something to seriously laugh about in this video, watch me at 2:47 and then watch Mariah at 2:50… I still can’t stop laughing. ^^


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