Winter 2014.

Well, this post is just a little belated… I had all intentions of posting this the day that school ended or perhaps the day after… But long story short, things got really complicated and plans came up and I was busy beyond measure, so therefore I am posting pretty late. 

Anyhows, I can’t believe that it’s already summer. It doesn’t feel like summer (because it’s 60 degrees outside and bitterly cold and windy), but nonetheless, it’s summer and I’m done with school! This semester has been a rough one. But one of the best one’s ever. 

ImageThe first week back was probably one of the best weeks ever. It was so nice to just reunite with everyone and get back into the ebb and flow of school. I can still remember the greatest night and how hard we laughed. It felt too good to be real.


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLet’s not forget about the wonderful ten days that I spent touring Northern California with Living Legends. We had the time of our lives. Tour is always such an amazing time, full of the hardest laughs and the most tender cries. 

Shortly after our tour came our DeJong show. Oh, how I love dancing for our home crowd. It means so much to me to be able to share my culture and so much of what I am with my friends. Living Legends has become the biggest part of my life, and to be able to share what I work so hard at and what I love so much with friends at school is one of the greatest feelings.

And let us never forget my 15 seconds of fame when I was in a Vocal Point video. This cover is so good (and I’m not just saying that, I truly do love it more than the actual song). And if you want to see where it gets good, fast forward to 2:03 and look in the bottom left corner. You’re welcome.


^^Three of my favorite guys ever^^Image


Remember that night that Sydney and I were looking fine and fresh? Yeah, me too, because I don’t ever look that good. I was so excited for the Academy Awards event that my ward was having. I was probably more excited for that night than any slash all of my high school dances combined. Real talk. Oh, and I will never forget the after party that we had. We went so hard that we had to move the party outside. I’m still excited that we pulled off the after party of the century (jk. Just the most bumpin party Casa Dea/5th Ward has seen in a while).


And then after a particularly rough patch in the semester, my family came in for the rescue. I honestly cannot express the love I have for them. I could write 100 novels and never quite express how much I love them. I will never forget the night of that Heritage Week show. I hadn’t smiled that hard in a while and probably not that hard since. I had never felt so overwhelmingly loved and blessed by so many of my friends. Honestly, that was one of the greatest nights I have ever had. I still look back on it so fondly and looking at the pictures just fills me with that overwhelming sense of love that I find oh so rare.

And those were some of the big highlights of my semester. I still can hardly believe that it’s summer. I’ve been waiting for summer for what feels like forever. This past semester was a tough one. I struggled a lot with school and personal things, but it all worked out in the end. I know that the Lord was giving the challenges that I faced to carefully craft me into the person that I’m meant to be. One thing that I learned this semester and I think was one of the biggest lessons that I needed to learn was that we have a choice in how we react to things. When we fail, get our heart broken, make rookie mistakes, or fall, we can either choose to throw pity parties and cry and get mad, or we can choose to learn from it and move on. I definitely didn’t always just learn and move on, I had some major flaws in how I handled some things, but I have learned so greatly the blessings and doctrine of agency. 

I will forever remember that lesson that I learned the hard way. I made it through this semester; one way or the other, I made it. And I have finally come to the summer that I’ve long been awaiting. With a long list of summer activities. This is going to be a summer to remember. 


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