A Perfect Life.

Last week was practically perfect in every way. And saying that I feel like I need to follow it up with some extravagant story of how awesome my life is. Of some big event or some crazy adventure that I had. But honestly, on paper, last week was so mundane. I did what I do every week; school, work, Seven Peaks.

But what made last week so amazing and worthy of saying “Practically Perfect in Every Way” was in those small and most ordinary moments. Like on last Wednesday night, Mariah and I were just riding around and decided to ride this path by the Provo River (I’m not even sure if that’s what the water is called… But it was pretty and it goes right through Provo… So…) and we rode by this painted wall. And it was such a small little treasure, but I loved it probably more than normal people would. And then later that night, we rode over to Jerad’s. We watched Think Like A Man and then played Call of Duty. And I actually ended up taking a practice exam for my summer class that I’m currently taking. And those are things that we do all the time. But for some reason, at the end of the night as I wrote in my gratitude journal, my life just seemed so utterly perfect. I felt on top of the world.

Another time I felt like I was on cloud nine and nothing could bring me down was on the Fourth of July. And it was easily the best Fourth of July ever. But not because we did anything extraordinary. We did what we do every weekend, Seven Peaks all day and a BBQ. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was fireworks. I had my camera with me almost all day. And I was just capturing the fun we always have with each other; the jam sessions, the meals we have, and the ridiculous things we do. But as we drove up to the base of the mountains, just above where a couple of my friends live, to watch fireworks, the lighting got really bad for both pictures and videos and so I had to put the camera down. And it was in those moments that I realized the true beauty of this life I live.

All we did in those moments that I couldn’t quite capture with a lens was watch the fireworks all over Utah Valley and sing along to Roy as he played the guitar. And it was so simple. And it was so perfect. And I felt like my heart could burst for the gratitude that I felt in that moment. That there are moments that I will never be able to quite capture. I will never capture them through my lens, or even with my words. And those moments are truly the most beautiful moments.

I was telling my mom about these moments that I have experienced as we had our weekly chat the other day and she told me that she was happy for me because it was in those moments that I was experiencing the most pure forms of happiness that humans can experience. I come across pictures, quotes, saying, videos, loads of things as I scroll through various social networks, and I am constantly reminded of what true happiness is. It is not having everything you want–a job, a car, the latest phone, etc.. While those things are nice, they are not the defining of happiness. And I was reminded of that this week. True happiness is when you have something so ordinary and yet, you have never felt happier. And I had the blessing of experiencing happiness in it’s truest form.


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