Such is Life.

So, I realized that I have been the literal worst at blogging. This whole semester. I have been the worst at checking the blogs that I follow as well as being the worst at keeping my own blog up to date. And usually when I do blog, I dump a ton of pictures on you and vaguely explain all the happenings of the past X amount of time real quick. That stops now.

This semester has been one for the books… Full of some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. There have been so many laughs and cries, so many victories and great defeats, and some wandering. Being frank, I was a little numb towards life. Things weren’t awesome, but they weren’t terrible. They just were. And that’s how I spent most of this semester. In this weird Limbo of life. And I tried doing so many things to get myself out of that weird area. I tried hanging out with friends more instead of isolating myself and I tried sleep more; I tried almost everything. 

And as I was trying to figure out the difference between this semester and last semester–why I could go from so happy to so bleh and be stuck there– I just couldn’t figure it out. I was still working in the same place, still not going on dates, still in Living Legends. Everything was so the same. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks that the utmost important difference between the two semesters was my scripture study and my daily prayers. I had forgotten my the importance and strength of my relationship with God. And when I would remember that I hadn’t read my scriptures that day, I would be “too tired” to possibly take 5 minutes to read one chapter of the Book of Mormon. So I started picking it up again. I started reading one chapter a day as well as listen to one conference talk a day. I started making time to write in my gratitude journal instead of just getting 7 extra more minutes of sleep. And honestly, it has made all the difference.

I have seen myself go from the lowest point of my life (which was utterly pathetic and I look back and lol at myself now) to honestly in one of the happiest states of my life. In just weeks. 

When I started this blog, I not only wanted it to be a “lifestyle” blog where I shared the happenings of my college life and something like a journal for me, but I also wanted it to be a place where I expressed my faith and openly shared what I believed in. I forgot about that purpose until I was reading through my  scriptures and saw that I had highlighted a verse that talked about going and preaching wherever we were and next to it I wrote “Make your blog this.” 

So here I am, not only promising to keep you updated more on the daily Sanasa’s, but also letting you few readers who take the time to read what I have to say that I know that this church is true. And I believe in the power of God. I believe that there is power in prayer and that each time I kneel down, or say a quick prayer in my head as I walk to class, or even just “telecommunicate” to God, that He hears everything I say. That He knows what I go through and He knows the struggles of my life. And that He will help us, but only if we help ourselves first. I know that Christ lives. And I know that we have a true and inspired prophet on the earth this day. I know that the Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ and that if we study His word daily He will answer our prayers and guide us in our daily endeavors. I hate that I have to have “falling out’s” with these things to remind me of the power of prayer and scritpure, but I am so happy that I have any knowledge of God and His infinite atonement that let’s me recover and rebuild myself from these low points.

Life get’s hard sometimes, with weird times and awkward moments; such is life. But God and His word are the answers to all of prayers and the everlasting peace and joy that this life has to offer. 


A Family Affair.

Ok, so this post is a week late, but forgive me. With a finance midterm this week, it’s been the longest craziest week of life. 

Anyhows, so last week, my family got to come up! It was my first time seeing them in three months and it was much needed. They came up to watch my dance show. I was so excited and nervous all at once. They got here and we did what we normally do, we went out to eat before my show. It was so good to be with everyone again. I caught them up on all the latest (aka, school is hard and boys are sissy-nana’s and I have the best friends ever). Then it was time for me to report to duty. I was so nervous for this show because it was my “big debut” as a hoop dancer. I knew close to 30 people coming and I was so nervous. Never before had that many people come. But I went in with so many prayers for this show. Of course the show started out great because the Native girls got down to “Turn Down For What” in the wings as we were waiting for the show to start. I love those girls with everything inside of me. Before hoop, I knelt and said a huge prayer for Joel and I as we took the stage… We had put so many hours of practice into hoop and we knew we could do it, it was just a matter of actually doing it. I braced myself and took the stage…. And….. WE DID IT. One of my world’s fell apart, but I was able to do a makeshift world in a matter of like 1.5 seconds. I could not stop smiling. Best believe that when we exited the stage I jumped up and down yelling BOOOOOMMMM and saying “I did it!” I was in complete shock and awe and complete and utter daze that I actually did it. It was the best feeling ever. And I got to share that experience with my family and closest friends. I could not stop smiling for the life of me. And all of my friend’s made me feel even better about it all by their reactions when I saw them after the show. I was above and beyond cloud nine. I had never felt more loved, supported, and strong friendship in those moments. It was the best night of my life to this day. Then my family and I headed to the always good Roll Up Cafe for some dessert. It was such a perfect night. When I think about it, I still smile with the most overwhelming feelings of gratitude.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

On Friday, I took the day off, slept in and prepared myself for a long, but great day with my family. We rented a puppy. Last year when my sister visited, that’s all she wanted to do, but unfortunately, all the spots were full and we weren’t able to, but this year, I was prepared and reserved a puppy a week in advance and we had the greatest time. The little stinker peed on my floor, but with a face like he had, how could I get mad? We took him on a walk and watched as he terrified some ducks (which was hilarious to say the least) and then we headed back home to return him. It was so cute and so fun. Then we went to the ever famous Slab Pizza. If you haven’t been, go. It’s so delicious. After that, my mom and dad went to go shopping and get stuff for dinner and my brother, sister, and I just walked around campus. I gave Cheese the grand tour and it was great. Then we headed home to get dinner ready. I was having some of my closest friends from my ward and from last year over for dinner. And my mom made navajo taco’s. To say they were delectable is an understatement. They were so good and I sure missed my mother’s cooking. I love showing my friends to my family and my family to my friends. We had such a great time. Then, my family and I headed to campus to go to the Pow Wow. I love Pow Wow. I love watching the dances and the cool foot work, I love seeing the beautiful and flawless regalia, I love buying some cool jewelry, I just love it all. Then we called it a night, went home (and by home, I mean my uncle’s house), watched an episode of Chopped and called it a night.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOn Saturday, we woke up at the crack of 9 AM and got to getting ready. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of eggs, toast, and loads of bacon with my uncle and aunt. It was actually a really great breakfast. One of the best parts was that as we all slowly started filtering in from downstairs, we were all wearing black shirts and jeans. Great minds think alike. We then headed off to Kaysville to go visit my grandma and grandpa. It was so great to see them. It has been months since I’ve seen them, but I just love visiting them. I love going with my family as well because we just tell stories about all the fun we had as kids visiting the Wellings. We talked, caught up on life, performed for them, and then said our goodbye’s. A short, but great trip. Then we went to Salt Lake for a couple of hours to shop. It was some good therapy that I needed. Retail therapy, it’s a real and a dangerous thing. But luckily, I didn’t go too overboard. After a couple of hours at City Creek, we headed back to Provo to have dinner with my family. It was such a great dinner. We even played a super fun game afterwards called Tenzie’s. If you’ve never heard of it, I highly recommend it. Such a great night. After that, Aubrey, Michael and I went to Laser Assault for a good ol’ game of Laser Tag with the Native’s. It was a ton of fun and we DOMINATED. And what would a night out with the Native’s be without going to get something to eat? We had some good ol’ McDonald’s and some good laughs, and then called it a night. But Aubrey and I weren’t done. After dropping Michael off, we headed back to go hang out with my friends in my ward. She wanted me to dye her hair before they left the next morning, so when it hit 1 AM, we figured we should probably get started. Tessley spent the night that night, so she came over and talked with us and we filmed a project for one of my classes. It was a great night.

ImageImageImageImageImageThe next morning, we got up bright and early to pack the car up and head to church. I was very happy to have my family by my side during church. And while they didn’t get to stay the full three hours, I was happy to spent just a couple more hours with them.

Family is the best. I have been reminded so many times over again about how amazing my family is. We are highly dysfunctional, but they are my best friends and my eternal Ohana and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. That weekend and seeing my family was exactly what I needed after three months of one of my hardest semester’s ever. I miss them so much, but I can’t wait to see them in just a few weeks now.



The Weekend.

What an amazing weekend. Like I can write and write, but I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to relate the exact perfection this weekend had.

I’m going to start with Thursday. While Thursday is by no means the start of my weekend, it was such a great night. After a long day of work and classes, I met up with Mariah, Hannah, and Josh to get some food. I was expecting dinner to just be like an hour long, but no, we spent 4 hours together. We just talked and talked and laughed our heads off. I was in the off-est, but greatest of moods. I honestly just love our little group. We have the greatest times together.

On Friday night, we went to Salt Lake to celebrate our dear friend Grant’s birthday. It was so good! We went to this pizza place and it was good. Granted, I only had crust and the pieces of pineapple that fell off the pizza, but it was DUH-VINE. Seriously. I can only imagine what the whole pizza tasted like. (PS: I only had the crust because I’m questionably lactose intolerant, but that’s another story). And while there was nothing extraordinary about this night, this night was so nice and so good.

On Saturday I had early morning rehearsal and it went great. We ended on a perfect run through of hoop and Janielle was so happy (Hallelujah!). After a couple hours of homework, I went to the rugby game with Mariah. My rugby slash sports fantasy almost came true…. There was almost a fight on the field! One of the UVU players punched one of our guys in the face (Oh heeeeckkkkk no). It was crazy and intense. But awesome. After that, I did homework for just a little while longer and then it was time to get ready for the Academy Awards. My ward was hosting an “Academy Awards” event. Our FHE families made movies, and we got together to watch them, vote for our favorite, drink mocktails, and be classy as hoot. Honestly, I was looking more forward to that event than I ever was to any high school dance! Straight up. Syd and I got down to some good ol’ Avril Lavigne, Baha Men, and Lil John as we got ready. And let me say, we were looking fresh to death. I’m sure I will never be looking that good again until my wedding day! Serious. Then we went to the event. Everyone was looking so good! And we watched some great videos with some hilarious moments in them. We partook of some divine mocktails. And we won some Awards. It was so great. 

<p><a href=”″>Academy Awards</a> from <a href=””>Shanoah Lauren</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

And what would an awards show be without an after party. Back Story: On Tuesday, while I was at work I could not stop listening to “Turn Down for What” and I knew I needed a good dancing fix. Sydney and I half jokingly but totally serious planned an after party to the Academy Awards. But on Saturday, we decided we were going to actually have it. We told a couple of our friends during the Academy Awards, but we didn’t exactly know how the turnout was going to be. And let me tell you, it was amazing. We pulled it off. In fact, it was so big, we had to take it outside. I only got a couple of shots from the after party, but best believe, it was going DOWN.

This weekend was so good. You know how you have those nights and events that you’re looking forward to, but they never live up to your expectations? Well, that was not this weekend. This weekend lived up to and far exceeded any expectations. A weekend I will not soon forget.

NorCal Tour.

It has been far too long since I have written on this blog. And I sincerely apologize about that. It has been the craziest couple weeks of life with tour, coming back and attempting to get on top of things, and trying to get into the regular swing of things again.

Tour though. Let’s talk about how amazing it was. I love tour. And I miss it so much. I really didn’t want to go on tour because I had had such an amazing tour to Central America and I didn’t think that anything could quite live up to that standard. And while I’m not sure this tour reached that level, it reached a different level on a different chart. It was an amazing tour. My favorite part of the whole thing was being behind the camera. I got to creep on people hard core and then put it into a video. I got to see everyone’s relationship with each other strengthen, I got to see everyone in their happiest moments, I got to witness the divinity of God’s children. I fell in love with this group of people all over again within those 10 days of tour. We laughed so hard we cried, we cried during our devotionals, we laughed at the falls and mishaps backstage, and we lifted each other up when it got really hard. 

I am so beyond blessed to have this second family in my life. They are truly my brothers and sisters that I know I could turn to whenever I needed. They have strengthened my testimony so much by just being great people and setting that perfect example for me. It’s hard to tell all the stories that happened–all the funny and spiritual experiences that tour holds– but I just wanted to share some happy moments with this great group. 




Incandescently Happy.

Do you ever have one of those nearly perfect weekends that days later,  you’re still smiling? That’s how this weekend was. It was practically perfect in every way.


Living Legends had a show at the Scera Theater this weekend and it was great. On Friday we did a run through before the show, and I was feeling exhausted, and it showed. The run through was rough. Probably one of the worst runs we’ve had. But when it came time for the show, it felt like one of the best shows. Especially for only having like one actual rehearsal beforehand. It was great and I had fun. Friday after the show, we had to something. So, naturally, we played Black Ops: Zombies. Let me tell you: I am obsessed with that game. Truly obsessed. I love fighting off zombies, even though I’m actually the worst player out of all of us. But I get better everytime. It was actually so sick the set up we had though. We had two flat screens in one room, four players to a tv, with two different games going. We go hard. And by that, I mean I make ugly faces while killing zombies.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Saturday we had another show. It didn’t go quite as well as Friday night, but it was still pretty good. After the show, I went to hang out with my roommate and some friends from our ward. We all ended up going to Roll Up Cafe and indulging in some truly delicious crepes. We ended up staying there till 1 AM laughing so hard tears were shed, getting so loud we almost got kicked out, and having some of the best real talk I’ve had in months. It was one of those nights were I felt truly, incandescently happy. I went to sleep still laughing about some of the things that were said and with a huge fat ol’ smile on my face.



Sunday was little rough, but it ended up being a great night. Mitchell and Seth came over to watch Monster’s University, and it randomly turned into a dinner and Movie and Golden Globes night. It was totally random, but it definitely went down in my book as one of the best nights. 

This weekend and these past couple of days has made me realize how blessed I am. With the opportunities I have, with the friends I’ve made, and with the knowledge of truth of this  gospel. Even though these have been some of the hardest days, I can’t help but feel incandescently happy and overwhelmingly blessed.


I still cannot grasp the fact that it is already 2014. It’s completely mind boggling. As we all know, New Years comes with a lot of Resolutions. People make resolutions to get more fit, to save money, to eat better, to do all sorts of things. And New Years Resolutions are more popularly known for being dropped and forgotten by the time March rolls around. So they don’t always have the best impression.

I read this blog post once, many years ago, about someone’s opinions of New Years Resolutions. He thought they were annoying and didn’t see a point in them. One point that I did like that he made was that New Years should not be the only time that we can “Start new.” If you have something you want to change, change it. I loved that. But it didn’t make me never want to make a New Years Resolution again. Because I think that resolutions and goals are good. I love setting goals for myself. So I just wanted to share some of my goals for 2013.

  1. More of God, less of me. This year was truly the year that I blossomed in God. Especially with the amazing New Testament class that I took. I gained a true testimony of the Lord and of the church. But I know there is just so much more that I have to work on. I’m reading this book called Undaunted by Christine Cane, and I’m loving it. I think it’s so inspiring to read her journey with God. But I’m also just inspired by how much she truly trusts in God. As I’ve been reading this book, it’s been eye opening to me where I need to work on my relationship with God. This year, I am determined to strengthen that bond I have with my Heavenly Father.
  2. Focus on school more. This semester was such an amazing semester, but I’m not exactly happy with my grades. Not to say that they were bad, they were all decent. But I am so much better and so much smarter than “decent grades.” So I’m determined to truly buckle down. Even if that means not going out as much, or being a little more anti-social, I need to focus on school. My education is what I’m out in Utah for anyways, so I need to rearrange my priorities.
  3. Eat healthier and treat my body better. I know, I know. That is such a cliche New Years Resolution, but I really do. Lately, I have been eating terrible (if I eat at all). Yes, I have been losing weight and I’m finally back down to my normal weight, but I have not been doing it in a healthy way. So I need to eat regularly and what I eat needs to be more fresh and less processed. I also need to start regularly exercising. I mean, I do dance a lot, but other than that, I need to work out more. Just take more general care of my body. I truly believe that it is a temple given to me by God, so I need to start taking care of it.
  4. Be more positive. Lately, I feel like I have been a little too negative. I find myself complaining a lot, posting my annoyances on social media, or just gossiping about people I don’t like. That needs to stop. I need to start loving others with the love of Christ. I need to start being a positive light in this world, because there is far too much negativity in it without my help. And I need to calm down and stop complaining. I live a very blessed life. And even when things don’t go according to plan or how I want them to, I need to accept it and not let it dictate my mood.
  5. Blog more. I am not exactly one for journaling (although that’s something that I’m working on), but this blog is somewhat like a journal for me. I can put pictures, share things I’ve found interesting, and share my story through here. This world is run by social media, and that might be why I enjoy keeping a tab on my life’s events through blogging more than I do with a journal, but I truly love blogging.

I want to share these with you guys because I think it will keep me accountable. I also wanted to write down my goals for myself in 2014 to share them. I love hearing the goals people set for themselves. To see their aspirations. If you want to share yours, I’d love to hear them. 2013 was great, but 2014 has a high standard to meet!